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I'm coming up to two years of using Linux for all my academic work. I think that it was a good decision. 🐧

Maybe in the new year I should have a proper look at Emacs/Org mode.

@twsh I've written a bunch of stuff in org-mode. I find it very useful to interweave to-dos and outlines of incomplete sections with completed text.

@twsh zim-wiki looks nice. I've used FosWiki for at least a decade, though, so I'm pretty committed. It has a full web interface too, so I can edit from anywhere (cough my phone /cough).

@twsh Two more years and you will never look back. I was converted to linux when linux was hard to use, fragile and dangerous. Today, it is definitely easier and more robust compared to windows.

@twsh Switched over a year or so ago. Definitely a learning curve, but now that I know what I'm doing I love it.

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