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It occurred to me that the part of my academic workflow I am least happy with is annotating PDFs. I should look into it.

@twsh What sort of annotation are you interested in doing? Highlighting? Writing notes on them?

@bgcarlisle Both. I would also like to be able to export my highlights as quotations. I think that ZotFile might be what I need. But I can't get extraction of annotations from Okular to work yet.

@twsh I use xournal on a tablet in portrait mode. 'Changed my life.

@twsh The happiness of the physical acts are important for productivitiy, I think. When I switched to typing up notes on student's papers (instead of handwriting everything) I found my mood improved, since it was going to be more legible and I now had a backspace button.

@DrNathaniel I have to type up feedback because all our assessment is done through Turnitin. I quite like it. I could leave audio comments too, but I haven't ever.

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