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Thomas Hodgson @twsh

I haven't tried to use the system yet. But if it works well, a standardised CV format would save us all a lot of time and energy and is a good idea.

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Have you looked into ORCID? Your link seems much like the deGois CV platform maintained by the Portuguese FCT. ORCID aims to provide standard international CVs and researcher identifiers, and it seems the idea is for the data to be easily interoperable with other platforms :-)

@eduardomorais This system imports publications from ORCID. I would be happy to use ORCID for this, which seems to be the standard in the UK. But I'm applying for a job in Spain this time and have to use their system.

@twsh @bgcarlisle
Indeed. The Portuguese FCT will sometimes ask you for your ORCID *along with* the same CV in their DeGóis platform, which doesn't even import ORCID, at least last time I checked.
I had that XKCD comic in mind too :-)

@eduardomorais @bgcarlisle This is still an improvement. Most UK universities want you to enter all the information into their system in ways that don't even make it easy to do.