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Interviews with philosophers about their new books.

New Books in Philosophy:

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This symposium with Imogen Dickie and Zoltán Gendler Szabó looks like it will be interesting:

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The Joint Session of the Aristotelian Society and Mind Association is online this year:

I would have been there.

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I have been thinking about a question that I would have expected to have been discussed, but I haven't come across much.

We are told that a theory of meaning for a language is important because it illuminates the question of how speakers can encounter a novel sentence and work out what it means.

Textbooks in semantics often start with this motivation. I have taught the topic this way too.

What about the task for the speaker of selecting the right sentence?

The 2020 Joint Session is moving online. I need to decide whether to participate in the open sessions by making a video of myself giving a talk. That would mean that I would have to learn how to do that well and host it somewhere.

remote philosophy talk 

I just attended my first remote philosophy talk, given by my former supervisor, on Zoom. It worked quite well. It's strange not to hear the room, especially during Q&A.

Philosoophy conference 

This conference about David Lewis' work looks like it will be good:


A recent book in my field has a novel structure. There are three authors. Each contributes a chapter to each of fours parts. Part 1 describes a sort of view that they all endorse. In part 2 each defends their particular view. In part 3, each one criticises the other two. In part 4, each one writes a short response to the criticisms.

I believe the plan was for four authors.

I think that it works well. I haven't seen anybody else attempt it.

I have read bits of it, and encountered ideas from it, now I am finally planning to read Sperber & Wilson's 'Relevance' properly.

The back cover has an endorsement by Umberto Eco.

The Joint Session 

The next Joint Session of the Aristotelian Society and the Mind Association is 10–12 July 2020 at Kent.


I was at a big conference recently and I saw two . I don't think I have ever seen another in the wild before.


philosophy jobs 

King's College London are hiring for three positions:

* Lecturer in Philosophy (Philosophy of Science)
* Lecturer in Philosophy (Continental)
* Lecturer in Ancient Philosophy

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