This looks like a nice tool:

I wonder if there is something like it that provides LaTeX output.

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@marcjones I haven't yet had a projector issue. But if I go to give a talk somewhere I try to make sure that I'm not struggling to get my own machine to work five minutes before.

A lot of things that I'm reading for my current project refers back to Scott Soames' 'Semantics and Semantic Competence'. I think that time in philosophy of language set up a lot of current lines of thought.

@christianp I suppose that I would have to find something else to complain about then.

The only time I regret using Ubuntu on my main work machine is when I have to set up printing at a new institution.

@jeeves That's a good question. Whenever I get training on teaching I get the impression that I am being discouraged from lecturing. But there is a reason why a lot of people have done it that way for a long time.

@caha42 I find it strange that people want to give the impression that they don't prepare. I find myself much less well disposed to a talk if I think that the speaker isn't respecting my time by at least trying to present well.

As a new starter I had to do a fire walk which turned out to be less exciting than it sounded.

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New blog post from the American Philosophical Association's blog: Practical suggestions for incorporating Islamic Philosophy into your courses, with specific texts for different topics (metaphysics, political phil, etc.), by Peter Adamson: meta, request for feedback Show more

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@zillion Right, it wouldn't work if you can get a regress going. Of course the point of the saturated/unsaturated distinction is supposed to be that we don't need another thing to do the merging. Which is the bit I need to get myself clear on again.

I think that a few years ago I convinced myself that a Fregean solution to the problem of the unity of the proposition couldn't work. (I.e. saying that unsaturated entities combine with saturated.) But I can't now remember what convinced me. I suppose I should reread some of the things that I was reading at the time to see if I shake something loose.

@platypus I got myself set up at a new institution, and started to think about what I should write next.

@KrisO I think that it's not particularly unusual. If I was teaching a course on X and I had just written an appropriate book on X I would want to mention it.

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