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@osaka I read it. It's a very important issue.

One thing occurred to me: academics also ought to think about how their work can be disseminated in a way that avoids surveillance/censorship.

@osaka Not yet, but I plan to.

I would like to go to a cryptoparty some time. The people who ran them in Dublin recently don't seem to be planning more.

Social Coop friends. I teach a Media class and want to introduce platform coop and other alternative tools. In addition to our own, DuckDuckGo, Firefox Klar, what do you consider indispensable tools for everyday users of SNS?

Do I know any EU employment law specialists who like/understand Creative Commons licensing and could comment on this?

@osaka Hi! Will your paper 'Censorship and Surveillance in the Digital Age' be comprehensible to a philosopher?

Does anybody know if there's a common way of buying/selling used complete back issues of peer-reviewed journals? Especially very low cost.

Philosophy friends: what are some good papers to read on emergent properties of complex systems?

I reread Richard Cartwright's 'Propositions' today and found the part where he writes: 'Moore is reported to have once had a nightmare in which he was unable to distinguish propositions from tables.' Presumably it's G. E. Moore. I would like to know that story.

Any academics/librarians do podcasting around here?

I think I'm going to try out Arch Linux. Something is not clear to me: if I follow the main installation guide on the wiki, it's not going to erase Windows, right? But I should set up partitions beforehand, probably?

Anyone know of any good GRE math study resources?

Is there an #open hardware or open firmware e-ink #ereader? I'd like fewer of my hours to be mediated by my phone, but only have a finite stack of paper books to read.

@omniadisce I might well do that when I have a clearer idea of what it is I'm doing.

@omniadisce Thanks! That's going on my reading list.

@omniadisce I was thinking more about best practice than backups. Not that backups aren't good.

@gcupc This happened while I was in the middle of the tutorial.

@ebeth That looks very useful. Thanks.