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The developer for the Library Extension project just asked me which screen readers would be best to test the extension with so he can add functionality, but I don't have enough background knowledge of them (or programming) to have that answer. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!

Do you have some thoughts on what :OpenAccess: to knowledge means? The Wikimedia Foundation is seeking your short films, visual art, poetry, short fiction, & creative essays for an anthology (also there's a prize). Deadline: 30 April 2019

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@ErikaAlpert @saqeram @Aepasek That sounds right to me too. They want a clear sense that you will start doing something and that you have thought about a realistic plan. I have written a few of those. None of the jobs I have had were from those applications so I feel unqualified to speculate about what a good plan looks like.

@wrenpile @natecull @enkiv2 Maybe another thought is that while the USSR might have been communist, not all communism must be the USSR.

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Does anyone have some signposts to resources on on Finitism (as in, philosophy of maths) and some discussion of it (besides SEP pages / Parsons)?

A graduate teaching assistant for my course was voted an award by our students. I can't claim any credit but it suggests that they had a good time.

I really enjoyed teaching Philosophy of Language this term. Teaching Probability and Knowledge in Clinical Medicine was a big challenge but I think it went fine. Now, I can think about my own work for a bit.

I need help with quantitative research “decoding.” My background is *not* psych but my masters degree (masters of Family Therapy) requires the current research methods course.

I’m watching some YouTube vids on concepts such as Kappa coefficients but does anyone have other sources for a crash course? I took stats in undergrad... but that was over 20 years ago.

Thanks, friends -

I think the area of philosophy that I know nothing about but would most like to is aesthetics.

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