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Thomas Hodgson

@Dialectrical I always think that that sort of thing must exist. But I don't know of one. I would like to easily construct webs of citation too.

@mbbrown Should we think it any more likely that there was life, given this?

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You should be using a citation manager, because formatting data according to strict specifications is best handled by computers. But if you are not, you should use Zotero's new service:

@micmic 2012 is old? Things move slowly in philosophy.

I got another nice email. It put me in a good mood all morning. Send nice emails to your lecturers, if you think they're doing a good job.

Trying to find a digital home for my friend. Does anyone know if there's an instance geared around #philosophy? I found one for #academia in general but not really philosophy-specific necessarily.

There are a lot of legitimate complaints about academia, and I don't know whether I will stay in it, but sometimes it's good.

I gave some good essays back to students this morning. Someone asked for further reading on speech acts, and I got a nice email. I feel quite good about how these lectures went.

@mbbrown It was a hot topic when I was in grad school. I'm not fully on board but there is some interesting stuff going on.

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@GardenOfForkingPaths Right. If it's not OK to answer those questions with a true account of the methods for that project, then a tendency would be to think that we should be saying (misleadingly) that we do what scientists do.

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@GardenOfForkingPaths I hate filling in that part of grant applications. But I do think that there are such things as methods in philosophy. At least there are things that people do, which lead to papers etc.

This review expresses a lot of what I think about philosophical methodology:

(One of its authors supervised my PhD, so maybe that's not shocking.)

@jaranta That annoys me too. Probably more than is reasonable. But why do journals have idiosyncratic styles? Why are there more than, say, two styles anyway?

Hey! I need some suggestions of bibliography about the creation of English Departments in US/Canada. Any info?

I'm trying to work out how to introduce the semantics/pragmatics distinction to my undergraduate class. I'm thinking of starting with the distinction between lying and misleading, and basing my discussion on Jennifer Saul's 'Lying, Misleading, and What is Said'.

@mbbrown Linguistics is an easy answer for me as a philosopher of language. I like playing with and thinking about computers too. I find maths exhausting but fun.