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one name, different spellings in citations @bookandswordblog That would be my instinct too. I also wouldn't change German or Scandinavian languages that use the Roman alphabet. So, if I saw 'Goedel' on one paper, I would just call him Gödel in order to be consistent.

one name, different spellings in citations 

Europeans! Do you have a 'best practice' for citing authors whose names are spelled differently on the title pages of different works? This is common with researchers from Scandinavia, Russia(-aev, -ayev, -aiev), Germany (ß vs. ss, ue vs. ü), or the Arab world ... I feel like I should normalize the spellings

@ibull How do you feel about this went? I've seen a few posts recently about doing something similar and I wonder if it will become a standard thing to do.

teaching advice 

@Cyborgneticz I wonder whether it shows as much as I think it does when I like what I'm teaching.

Mastodon admin help request; Boosts++ 

Hey friends

I'm periodically having people email me to say that confirmation emails aren't going through

Does anyone have good ideas on how to diagnose / fix this sort of problem?

It has mostly been people with Hotmail / Outlook addresses

(But then I'm pretty sure that we've had successful signups from those domains too, so I'm not sure)

teaching advice 

@Cyborgneticz I think that the students get more out of it when the teacher is teaching something that they want to. Maybe there's an exception for intro level courses. I don't teach intro to philosophy for myself, but I think it has to be done.

tech request: online collaborative note-taking (etherpad alternatives?) 

If you wanted to encourage collaborative note-taking at a & preferred to avoid Google services/docs, what would you use?

Is there anything better than for reliability & lack of barriers (ie no account sign-ups)?

Study guide Q 

@drb I assume that it's other staff. They are part of our online student handbook.

Study guide Q 

@drb My employer does. I don't make my own.

Bibliography management 

I have written a short post with the details of my setup:

let me know if it need clarification or improvement! 😄

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I'm looking for literature (articles, blog posts, books) that covers "succession planning" for IT/sysadmin in activist groups. Like, for a volunteer group, what happens if your IT person just leaves? What are best practices so that the group isn't locked out of their web hosting etc (simply through lack of information rather than malice on the previous IT person's fault)

@cassandreces I went from terrible at public speaking to competent. Also for teaching.

Which are the things you learned/are learning during your PhD, that you value the most?

I looked at a call for papers today that said that I couldn't submit something that was already published or accepted. Is that standard? I don't recall seeing it made explicit before.

#london fam! if you know ppl who would benefit from our decentralised organising workshops but don't have the means to pay, drop me a line. we have space for a few scholarships

we're doing decision-making on Apr 3 and communication+conflict Apr 6


peer review 

I have just been asked to review something that I reviewed before at another journal. A diff suggests that the paper is identical. My report will be too, I think. I'm not convinced that this is working.

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