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I can hear 'panini' as a singular word, but not 'graffiti'.

What's happening with the new wave of Sapir-Whorfians that started a few years back?
They were all over Ted talks about how a word with different genders in different language gives you a different perception of it. I haven't seen anything in a year.

Our library has the second edition so I think I'm just going to ignore the existence of the third for the purposes of this syllabus and course.

What I'm

For work: William Lycan's 'Philosophy of Language'. I'm assigning bits of it to my students. I just realised that there is a third edition. I have the second edition, but hopefully that won't matter.

For fun: Barbara Kingsolver's 'The Lacuna'. I used to live in Coyoacán.

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We've heard a lot of advice to move away from to smaller instances. While is useful, how about some reviews from the people on the ground?

What's good about your instance? What's bad? Who is it for? Any special features or rules?

Tell us, and tag it #InstanceReviews.

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I was at this interesting talk by Stephen Neale titled 'Means means means' at the Aristotelian Society a few weeks ago, now available to listen to:

Are there any academics here publishing on the intersection of paganism and computers/internet/digital practice? A friend has a tentative CFP for a journal but it's not final (otherwise I'd just post it here). If there are any academics interested here on the fediverse or you know anyone, ping me!

Does anyone have experience with incorporating Freedom of Information / Access to Information requests in scholarship? I've filed several in looking to understand some ugly agri / tax policy (which no one wishes to talk about).

Am looking for more systemic way of presenting information other than "I filed a bunch of FOI requests in multiple jurisdictions after having done some prior ones which were not as useful."

Next semester: Philosophy of Language and Probability & Knowledge in Clinical Medicine.

Today is the last day of my teaching semester! :blobpats:

Since this is an academic social, I was wondering how you guys feel about ?

Should we remove any obstacles to find and share scientific articles?
And how do you think will this impact research?

Someone also came up with an objection I need to think about. On the view I defend, (i) and (ii) have different contents.

(i) Mathematics reduces to logic.

(ii) That mathematics reduces to logic is true.

But it looks like people who utter (i) and (ii) agree. So, at least, I can't say that identity of content is necessary for agreement. (Which I might well deny anyway.)

We have a work in progress group for early career people. Today we discussed my paper and it was very helpful. This kind of group is a good idea, I think.

Anyone worked/published with a micropublication? I'd be curious to know what kind of value you found in it. I went to a talk a while ago about and how they got the publication going (working on peer review, becoming reputable, etc.). Not sure that I'm going anywhere with this but it keeps circling in the back of my mind what some other possibilities for micropublications might be.

folks: any favorites or ideas for quantum-themed games and activities for kids? (10-12 years)

can you train yourself to while in a vehicle? i frequently take public transport and i would LOVE to be able to read without getting nauseous. any ?

Re-introduction: I teach and write philosophy. Mostly philosophy of language, metaphysics, and logic. I'm trying to get good at backgammon.

I'm looking for that are good for studying/doing research to and for drowning out loud officemates. Please help! Alternatively, suggestions for noise-canceling earbuds?

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