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It's time to read about hate speech. Any recommendations? Research papers, studies?

Any good resources for working with categorical/ordinal data in :rstats: ? (and in general?)

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What publications/journals do you all tend to get substantial, reliable information about politics beyond the drip-feed of media soundbites?

2 of my favourites are New Left Review

and London Review of Books

Which others do I need to know?

Anyone know any good OER, open ed. resources, for college English comp? I'm pushing for my department to ditch overpriced textbooks & replacing them with free, trustworthy online items.

I wear a watch because I find it useful for keeping track of time in class. I wear that watch, which has to be wound and therefore sometimes lets me down, because it was my grandfather's.

I somehow set my watch an hour behind. There were surprisingly few bad consequences.

Hello World. :msn: I have started studying R on DataCamp and I will also be starting a post graduate course on Statistics in a University. Would anyone have any book recommendations or resources for someone trying to move into Data Science? I have a background in Business Intelligence but interested in Sociology :Boxplot:

Anyone got any favorite resources on early computer and/or internet history? Reading Paul Ceruzzi's work & looking for other avenues.

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Hey friends, do you have any literatures suggestions on federated social networks, or decentralized social networks? 💕

I'm thinking of working on the metaphysics of words, and how that is related to how they are thought of in linguistics.

This conference lists a lot of the recent literature:

What else should I be looking at?

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