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Attribute-Value Matrices (AVMs) in LaTeX 

Here is a nice list of tools that are free (libre) alternatives to conferencing/communcating applications like Zoom

What's a good piece of free software for making a video of me presenting some slides?

And, what do I need to understand before I try to make a video like that and put it online?


Linux mention :BoostOkay: 

Going to need to re-install my OS soon because it's borking something fierce

I'm tempted to try something with a tiling window manager, just for fun

Anyone tried Regolith before?

The 2020 Joint Session is moving online. I need to decide whether to participate in the open sessions by making a video of myself giving a talk. That would mean that I would have to learn how to do that well and host it somewhere.

Many academics have a CV on their site. Often, a PDF. Is there a good reason to do that? I already have most of the information on my site and my ORCID (where I got my PhD, where I have worked, what I have published). I don't have a list of talks on either at the moment.

vim, pandoc 

I mean completion of citation keys.

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vim, pandoc 

The thing is, that one feature was incredibly helpful and is probably the main one that made me like my Vim setup.

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vim, pandoc 

Completion of bibliography entries has just stopped working in Vim. I use vim-pandoc. It's hard to know what to look for to try to fix it, because I have no idea what changed to break it.

document request, management, mailing list 


I'm looking for management documents (articles, books) on how to manage an internal mailing list.

(I'm betting that internal mailing lists can have a plus-value over telephone if they're properly planned and framed by management.)


Support request 💚 

👨‍💻 I am currently providing updates with focus on Latin America via @niboe under the following link:

☕ If you feel like collaborating with the non-profit nibö project, please donate a coffee at

🔁 A boost to this toot is also a great contribution. Many thanks. Stay healthy and be kind.

Question for the : Is there a multi-instance app that allows for the option to merge the timelines of several instances into a single timeline?

remote philosophy talk 

I just attended my first remote philosophy talk, given by my former supervisor, on Zoom. It worked quite well. It's strange not to hear the room, especially during Q&A.

So what's a good intro for a statistician/data scientist who's an okay programmer (I have multiple packages on CRAN and they incorporate C and C++ code I wrote, to give you an idea - not a good C/C++ programmer though).

University presses that have made books and journals open access during the pandemic:

Does anybody know of a good way to turn an android tablet into a graphics tablet of sorts? The idea is to use my tablet to draw on the whiteboard on my linux PC. Something like but for linux

#sociology I'm looking for accessible (beginner students) documentation about Parson's systemic theory. Does anyone have this?
(cc @marionline)

What's the best way to have a list of papers and get alerted automatically when something cites them? I would be happy if, e.g., Crossref did this.

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