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Boost if you think trains are the best method of transit.


so I'm in Hampshire, UK and have a garage full of tools and reasonable knowledge about a variety of things that could be repaired so toot me if you need me to help #fixmystuff

Hey tooters

Toot on #fixmystuff if you need help with something broken

Or toot on #fixmystuff if you have tools and skills and can help someone out who needs it

and boost this to help more people

I'm about to try to make my students care about moral realism, and communicate constructively my puzzlement about naturalism.

People in the know: What is the current best Mastodon app for Android?

Must have: multi-user support

I'm currently using Mastalab, which is mostly fine, sorta clunky

Is there something better?

What is a good, casual, relatively quick two player boardgame?

Please boost widely: Call for Proposals, "After Social Media: Alternatives, New Beginnings, and Socialized Media." It's a call for research/essays on alternative social media, including Mastodon, of course.

Here is 5 instances #under1000 : gaming
admin: @noelle : gamedevs (very new)
admin: @aras : star trek themed
admin: @guinan : photography
admin: @ambassador teaching and academics
admin: @socrates
Lets decentralize a little.

I'm writing a handbook article. How should I approach it differently to a journal article?

I should have said that I also have @[email protected] but I plan to use this account now.

Question to educators, teachers, tutors, parents, instructors Show more

Also if you, dear reader, have suggested for , please reply with your suggestion. (I do already have a bunch of research on this, so things like "negative" numbers and sets are strong candidates for threshold concepts.)

Link about threshold concepts (in case this term is unfamiliar):

I want to do a bit of research on opinions on federation for my #decentwebeu project. I'm digging for arguments in favor of decentralising. Please boost and/or answer any of these questions:

1) How aware are you of the federated nature of this network in your day-to-day use?

2) Which, if any, concepts of federated networks do you find challenging, confusing or foreign?

3) Why are federated networks "better" than centralised social networks (silos)?

(The last question is biased, roll with it)

Art question (for my daughter)

Can anyone think of any images that demonstrate the concept of 'mind / body'

My daughter needs a philosophical stimulus for a project.. Thanks!
(Please boost!) #art #question

I'm teaching metaethics soon. I'm wondering a bit about when people started to worry about the nature of moral properties. This has been prompted a bit by teaching virtue ethics and G. E. M. Anscombe's 'Modern moral philosophy' last week.