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Let's say I want a self-hosted collaboration and communication suite (calendar + document editing + file sharing + chat).

Should I go for Nextcloud, Sandstorm or something else?

Help and boosts very appreciated.

I ask this question once a year: Does anyone have recommendations for research journaling apps? I am still waiting for a basic diary application with latex and markdown support.

Pandoc without MathJax supports them as〚 and 〛. When I add the `--mathjax` flag they disappear.

Is there an easy way to get MathJax to give me `\llbracket` and `\rrbracket`?

First day back in the office. teaching starts next week. This afternoon I need to write a lecture about Frege's philosophy of language.

A good start to the year: the centre where I did my PhD is having a 20th anniversary conference to which all former PhDs and postdocs are invited. I haven't been back since my viva five years ago.

This essay got me really interested in David Hume:

How should I explore his philosophy further, especially his moral philosophy? Should I read the man himself or secondary sources? I guess Stanford Encyclopedia is one obvious first source. I have some background in philosophy of science but haven't formally studied philosophy.

so 2 days left before my short session class begins and I wanted to ask a question: if you use a laptop/mac or a tablet/ipad, what are your favorite note-taking apps? I've been using OneNote and while I love it for the organization, exporting it is a MESS sometimes. hell, even printing notes can be a hassle sometimes.

How do folks take reading notes? My current method of lots of notations and marginalia seems like it might not be up to snuff anymore...

I wrote something that does this:

* Change 'address' to 'location', or vice versa
* Change 'journal' to 'journaltitle', or vice versa
* If 'date' is four digits, change it to year (from BibLaTeX to BibTeX)

I'm thinking that I shouldn't touch capitalisation.

bibtexparser includes a function to convert TeX to unicode. Perhaps I should use that for the BibLaTeX direction?

It's a script reading stdin and writing stdout.

Is there a simple, good CLI tool for converting between and ? The main thing would be journal/journaltitle and location/address fields, and maybe making sure that dashes are right and dealing with unicode. If there isn't, I might make writing one a quick new year project.

This would do the heavy lifting:

Yo scholars

Does anyone know of any books/readings/articles similar to Schlosser's Command and Control? Or human factors, really...

Related hashtags:

I cleared it. Three papers under review. Another out for comments. Three reviews completed. Syllabus for Philosophy of Language next semester drafted, and reading done.

In grad school I learnt a lot from Herman Cappelen, François Recanati, Robyn Carston, and Jeffrey C. King.

I first got in to philosophy of language in Adèle Mercier's class.

I can't think of ten off the top of my head. I would put Deirdre Wilson & Dan Sperber on the list. I heard Deirdre say that they wanted to dedicate 'Relevance: Communication and Cognition'' to Noam Chomsky, Jerry Fodor, and Paul Grice. That sounds right. And Plato, Gottlob Frege, Bertrand Russell, and Saul Kripke should be on the list too.

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