Despite my listening mostly to Metal, one of my favourite albums ever is All Melody by Nils Frahm. I can listen to it on repeat, I can read, write, or fall asleep while listening to it, and it never fails to make me feel better in gloomier times.

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As it turns out, my leadership skills (such as they are) lie in "There's a problem here, we need to fix it" rather than "here is a shining bright vision for the future"

I can't help but think that the philosophy of antinatalism was developed during a crowded train ride.

LGBT situation in Poland 

I do really like Pocket to save some articles to read later. One thing I do *not* like about Pocket is the CAPTCHA whenever I log into the website. So many fire hydrants, traffic lights, and buses to identify!

Why are all images here marked as sensitive content by default? Is it to save bandwidth to users?

Privacy and free speach on the wane 

Weighing small weights might be one of the most annoying parts of the job. That and the low prospects of finding a job.


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Academic journal web design fail 

This paper was posted today on BiorXive, and it is significant because it described the isolation, for the first time, of a member of Asgard archaea. Asgard archaea were identified a few years ago through metagenomic analyses, and hypothesised to "bridge the gap" between prokaryotes and eukaryotes. With this new isolate we'll be able to actually see what the genes found in the metagenome are coding for, and whether the hypotheses based on the genome alone hold true

Hey, hey! I'm a grad student, currently based in Germany and working on microbiology, specifically archaea. Never heard this word before? Glad you asked, I'll be happy to talk about it :)

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