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Me: "omg how does anyone manage the decision fatigue of a restaurant with more than 5 entrees on the menu or a drugstore with 30 flavors of toothpaste"

Also me: "Why yes let me do a lit review for this new topic and download 200 citations, I'm sure I'll figure out the best article to start with when I return to this in 2 months"

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Amazon. We're staying off it today and tomorrow yeah? Standing with Amazon workers? Yeah.

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tiny thing to fight surveillance capitalism 

urls often contain tracking information added to the end of them. when you are linking articles, stuff like the "utm_source" and "fbclid" sections allow people to track where you got the link from and how you are spreading it. this allows cops & corps to map out social groups.

while you can remove that stuff by hand, there's a firefox/chrome addon called "neat URL" that comes with an existing blocklist that automatically cleans off a lot of that stuff.

Hi all, just found this instance and thought I'd make a quick .

I'm sadly not a student anymore, graduated a few years back with a masters in bioethics and bachelors in medical anthropology and evolutionary biology. I've got a variety of interests ranging from computer science, medicine, cognitive science, theatre, literature, and linguistics.

Looking forward to interacting with you all!

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