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> Zero art is not easy. Zero makes a different appeal to the viewer. You need all your senses when viewing the idiosyncratic work of Armando, Jan Henderikse and Henk Peeters, among others.

If I were in the Netherlands I'd go to see this:

via @EICAS

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Introduce Universal Basic Income throughout the EU

Add your signature at the European Citizens' Initiative

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registration is OPEN! Submit your talks or sign up to participate at - we're accepting abstracts for presentations until the 1st of July!

This is open to any and all disciplines, and any project that doesn't fit into a neat disciplinary box. No need to be on - anyone can submit!

Feel free to DM this account if you have any questions, and that link again is

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when all of a sudden it becomes unclear if you are reading theory or the latest Dr Who plot synopsis.

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The anthology is available here:

We're still figuring out how to ship to the UK, which prior to brexit was a simple task... Anywhere else is business as usual!

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Just got a visit from comics artist Allan Haverholm, who gave me the brand new, double issue of C’est Bon Anthology (#56/57), which he edited


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Huh, I've finally managed to make Zotero respect the dark theme on linux! :zotero:

If you know how to deal with "prefs.js", add these:

user_pref("", true);
user_pref("widget.content.allow-gtk-dark-theme", true);

Otherwise go to Edit > Preferences > Advanced > Config Editor, search for "allow-gtk-dark-theme". Two results should appear. Right click and "toggle" both. The value column should say "true" for both.

Then restart Zotero. Your eyes will be happy!

Please post your wordle results and similar as unlisted.

You set up a template for all federated posts — eg., do you want to post the full text, or the excerpt? Fedi users' replies even turn up as comments on your post, it's magic!

I'm pretty sure this won't work on, but you really should host your own, anyway.

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Using Wordpress for your blog or academic website? With the ActivityPub plugin you can broadcast your posts natively to the fediverse, and readers can follow you here as @{your_user_name}@{blog_URL}

Argh, I snoozed on another batch of follow requests. They're all approved now, sorry for the wait, everybody.

Turning notifications on for those going forward!

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Me: makes a list of overdue projects to do for the day, cracks knuckles and sets to work

My brain: immediately uses all RAM for an hour to birth a dad joke instead

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What better time to repost this promo thread for the avant-garde #comics anthology I edited?

The #uncomics anthology has landed!

Click through for more previews here: 🧵

Cover illustration by Jeremy P Bushnell:

Uncomics — an artistic field where contemporary art and comics inform each other.

Where the absence of sequence encourages the reader to investigate the picture plane(s) in any direction and order, becoming an active co-creator in the process.

A space outside the tedious limitations of story, where images both abstract and suggestive interact.

Comics, at last, as a visual art form.

Edited by yours truly, available now:

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20th century philosophy class pet: Millie the Plateauxpus

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Reading; What do pictures want? 

Today's (re)reading is chapters selected from the book "What do pictures want?" (MITCHELL, 2005: 🏴‍☠️) for my Visual/Cultural class.

There's this nice interview

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#Asemicart #asemicwriting #art #graphite ##watercolour #mixedmedia
Haji Omar, who was born in Melbourne, Australia, and raised in Sri Lanka, grew up learning different languages (Arabic, Sinhalese, Tamil, English, and French), some of which she studied after moving to the United States. It is out of the confluence of cultures — she is of Syrian, Indian, and Sri Lankan descent — and their written languages that she has developed a visual vocabulary of lines and dots.

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you ever just write something on paper, mess up, and instinctively reach for ctrl+z

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