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Me: makes a list of overdue projects to do for the day, cracks knuckles and sets to work

My brain: immediately uses all RAM for an hour to birth a dad joke instead

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What better time to repost this promo thread for the avant-garde #comics anthology I edited?

The #uncomics anthology has landed! hybriden.se/en/product/cba-vol

Click through for more previews here: imaginair.es/@haverholm/108073 🧵

Cover illustration by Jeremy P Bushnell:

Uncomics — an artistic field where contemporary art and comics inform each other.

Where the absence of sequence encourages the reader to investigate the picture plane(s) in any direction and order, becoming an active co-creator in the process.

A space outside the tedious limitations of story, where images both abstract and suggestive interact.

Comics, at last, as a visual art form.

Edited by yours truly, available now:

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20th century philosophy class pet: Millie the Plateauxpus

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Reading; What do pictures want? 

Today's (re)reading is chapters selected from the book "What do pictures want?" (MITCHELL, 2005: 🏴‍☠️) for my Visual/Cultural class.

There's this nice interview web.archive.org/web/2022041522

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#Asemicart #asemicwriting #art #graphite ##watercolour #mixedmedia
Haji Omar, who was born in Melbourne, Australia, and raised in Sri Lanka, grew up learning different languages (Arabic, Sinhalese, Tamil, English, and French), some of which she studied after moving to the United States. It is out of the confluence of cultures — she is of Syrian, Indian, and Sri Lankan descent — and their written languages that she has developed a visual vocabulary of lines and dots.


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you ever just write something on paper, mess up, and instinctively reach for ctrl+z

So now I can add an art exhibition to the list of things I really need to get done, next to podcast editing and making a website for it. The print anthology, fortunately, is still the printers' problem.

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Markor is a cool little Android app I found on some thread


It is a Markdown(*) note taking app,& it has a unique feature called QuickNotes, which works as such: you share stuff to it via the Android share system, and it appends the text to a designated file. That way you can collect anything like bits of text and links.

(*) It seems to support Zim wiki and a couple other markup languages, if that's your thing.

:LeVarLike: It's only now that I realise the amount of emoji available on scholar.social, and

:LeVarDislike: I feel both affirmed and a little nervous that that's all I'll post about here going forward

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I found a book that mentions that DVORAK users stopped using keysmashes after swapping because they aren't "socially legible" which is fascinating.

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I'm appalled but unsurprised that the vandals who destroyed a seminal, Situationist painting are followers of the qur'an-burner who set Sweden aflame during easter.

They're Nazis, whatever they call themselves. Their racism and xenophobia goes hand in hand with the concept of "degenerate art".

"The web is a comic book" — also a comparison I've used in my work, and heard in my conversations with artists 👍 @bacardi55


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Modular things are so neat. Like, I don't enjoy a lot of aspects of so called "futuristic" aesthetics or design, but I absolutely love when things are modular and reconfigurable.

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Recommendation for Scholar users especially 

Set your default posting privacy level to Unlisted and post every weirdo thought that comes through your brain there

And then be intentional about what things go on the Local Timeline—everyone on the instance will see those

That way, there's space for both

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Gofoss is a guide to adopting free and open source software, and using privacy-friendly services. You can follow at:

➡️ @don_atoms

You can browse the guide itself at gofoss.net

#GoFoss #FOSS #FLOSS #Libre #FreeSoftware #OpenSource #Privacy

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if you were wondering what happens when oulipo.social (doesn't allow the letter E) meets dolphin.town (only allows the letter E): dolphin.town/users/e/updates/2

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Don't forget to drop by at #MissRead @ #hkw_berlin this weekend ... The Berlin Art Book #Festival hosta 310 exhibitors and international guests to discuss and celebrate the #art of making #books #berlinartweek #berlin - more info: missread.com/exhibitors-2022/

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