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Excited that my #openaccess book with Andrew Nevins "Contemporary research in minority and diaspora languages of Europe" (Language Science Press) is nearly complete! Download it here for free! langsci-press.org/catalog/book. #sorbian #nahuat #greek #aymara #quechua #diaspora #minorities

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This morning I invented the dish pile equation.

S = nmsφ

where uppercase S is the size of the pile, n is the number of people using dishes, m is the average number of meals, and lowercase s is the average size in number of dishes/glassware/silverware consumed per meal by one person.

φ is the golden ratio, its role is to accommodate for the empty surfaces made unusable due to the geometry of the pile.

Assuming m and s are somewhat constant, the amount of the pile is then a function of nφ.

Changing font is one of the best spellchecking methods.

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: I'm a linguist interested in , action, & , as investigated in , , , & . I am working on a language & grammar theory called Instruction Grammar and I'm currently surveying the areal syntactic variation in Germany in the context of the project Regionalsprache.de.

I am heavily into (heavy, true, doom) and a passionate (race bike) .

I ditched exactly one year ago today. I am using for , , and . I have implemented a very minimal look for writing, and somewhat more elaborate layouts for coding in and . The flexibility of vscode wins over Rstudio for me.

Last weeks were extremely hellish. Acquiring visa to States from Turkey is a nightmare. You have to pay $550, which is more than double of minimum wage here in Turkey. Then the plane tickets are close to $1000, and lastly there is whole deposit and first month rent, which is close to $1500. Even if I do not eat anything and not spend money for the upcoming months, I cannot pay all this. No way.

lol, I need to write a Turkish abstract for my thesis and I do not know any translations for psycholinguistics terms, or how to explain them in Turkish welp

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#introduction Selam! I'm Göktuğ; a Türkiyeli 90s kid, an eternal grad student, a boring dork with too many notebooks.

Doing an MA in linguistics, my thesis concerns discursive identity building in a particular privileged consumption community. As a wannabe researcher, I am interested in discursive construction of privileged identities, and the interface between discourse and reality.

Other than that I am a stationery nerd, a computeing geek, and a bookworm on hiatus.

⚠️ High risk of puns.

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proper introduction 

I do things with words. And the things that lie behind words.

I'm a #Linguistics professor, working mainly on Formal #Semantics and its interfaces. Much of my research also involves Historical Linguistics (/#Philology) to a certain extent. My central tool for analysis is a predicate logic-style system augmented with a typed #LambdaCalculus.

I frequently research languages of #SouthAsia (e.g. #Hindi, #Nepali, #Sinhala, #Sanskrit) & the #WestIndies (#Patois, #RastaTalk & the role of #African languages in the #Caribbean), as well as a bit of #OldEnglish (heorot.dk ).

I have a certain wary enthusiasm about particular types of technology. #LaTeX and fine #Typography more generally. #Lisp things, including #CommonLisp, and #Scheme (#Guile, #Racket), and #Emacs, as a sort of incarnation of a minor Lisp Machine. I'm #Haskell-curious, but don't care much for significant whitespace languages. (Software I've written mainly resides (for the moment) at: gitlab.com/emacsomancer/ )

Within linguistics, I work on a fairly wide range of things, from the use of delimited continuations in natural language semantics to the morphology of #Rastafari language to #Cyberpunk neologisms to #IndoEuropean myth-preserving formulaic language (slaying of dragons and worms) to algorithmic detection of different focus types and constituents in unannotated plaintext. (you can see more about these things here: lambda-y.net )

Recently, I've been exploring the use of devices borrowed from computer science (e.g. delimited continuations, monads) for working out computational issues in natural language semantic formalism.

Interested in social equity and its intersection with my other endeavours. Strongly #AntiCapitalist and #AntiWhig.


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Okay, so I'm hashtagging a bunch of my interests to be more searchable. #ADHD #Linguistics #bilingual #scicomm #language #tea #knitting #bookbinding #latinamerica #globalsouth #music I'm also a serial #fandom hopper, so I'll likely have been or will be into what you're into.

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I should probably introduce myself. My name is Linda and I just came here from twitter. I live in Sweden, I like #linguistics, #history and various #tv-series. I am rather inept at everything; this is a curse, and in no way a blessing. #Introduction.

I also love working with , I play a lot of games ( and ), and my favorite thing is a white rose and saffron icecream!

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Hi everyone, I am Utku, next fall I will start my Ph.D. at UMD Ling, I am currently an MA student at Bogazici University. My research mainly deals with processing subject-verb dependency and tackles phenomena like case syncretism, form heuristics, and response bias. I also work on the formation of treebanks on Turkish and minority languages in Asia Minor. I try to insert morphology in everything I do. Here's my website: utkuturk.com/

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