A case regarding copyright on texts dictated by a ghost 

A publisher sued someone who infringed publisher's , but the defendant said:
The author of this book have been always insisted the author is not him, but a ghost! So he doesn't have copyright.

And the court said:
Well, the doesn't recognize the conveyances of rights by the spiritual world. But it don't permit one who asserts something as a fact to change that position for profit in a law suit.


laawyer's problems 

Despite long years of my legal practice, court decisions are still unreadable for me. Sentences are too hard and confusing 😄 Funny that sometimes even English language decisions look more clear to me than most of decisions on my native language.

Short video about academic rights and freedoms
(in Russian, but there are available translation of subtitles and transcription to English)


I am a (Master of ), practicing in intellectual property law () and researching in constitutional law.

My current research is related to the constitutional limits of government regulation of the educational relationships.

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the definition of a university 

a library with a bunch of buildings around it

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