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Hello! An about me:

I'm a junior undergrad student in the PNW studying political science, with my current interests being in int'l security, nuclear politics, and int'l environmental policy.

I teach with a local science outreach program that works with Title I schools in the area. I'm also a licensed nuclear reactor operator currently prepping to go up for my senior reactor operator licensing exam.

In my free time, I like to make desserts, play tabletop games, and make theatre.

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Your house is overloaded with books. What do you do?

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I often feel like I struggle finding internships/research opportunities/interesting things to do over the summer. I usually find things through my department's mailing list or by stumbling across them online. How do you usually find opportunities?

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mutual aid, right wing mention Show more

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Editors leave Elsevier and start their own journal Show more

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gamers melting down over lgbt characters in their chosen interactive online safespace is one of my favorite genres

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@zigg My mom made fun of my improper pronunciation. I told her I didn't have the advantage of growing up among adults with extensive vocabularies willing to talk with me.

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“Never make fun of people for mispronouncing a word. It means they learned it by reading.”

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Very surprised = OMG
Little bit surprised = omg
Barely surprised = oμg
Not surprised at all = 0mg

I was looking for PDFs of readings for the coming semester. I had found some, but there were several that I was having problems finding.

I asked some friends if they had copies. One of them responded saying, "No but I'm very good at googling things." Shortly after, she comes back with links to most of them. Needless to say, I was really thankful.

She keeps insisting that it's a useless skill, but I've found that knowing how to look for things in databases has proven useful time and time again.

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Boost if you are:
-tired of being misgendered
-ready for spring
-ready for prison abolition

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Shortfiction idea, please steal Show more

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Me first year in grad school <<hi I'm terrified of everyone you're all so smart>>
Me now in my third year <<ey I don't respect your methods but I respect that theory>>

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Community Standards reminder Show more

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sexism in science Show more

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A reminder that imposter syndrome hits _many_ of us in academia. You’ve earned your expertise!

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Discover Unpaywall, a New Browser Extension That Lets You Read Millions of Science Articles Locked Behind Paywalls

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