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So, I SUCK @ doing these sort of stuff but I'll try.

My name is Veronica. I'm currently a nursing student attempting to get an RN here in the US. I love to short stories. Although, with school, it hasn't been happening as much unless it's school-related. I love biological sciences & history, traveling, reading, and video games (hello Spider-man PS4 and AC: Odyssey).

But I'm happy to be here and hope to interact with you guys soon.

orientation tomorrow already and i’m excited to see who else is in the program with me. i already know a few people from my anatomy class who did get into the rn program (& to the other healthcare programs as well) but excited to see who else is got in 😋

this is the hardest rn program to get into for my university system so i’m screaming rn i’m so happy 😭🥳


I'm so nervous waiting for this decision letter is the absolute worse

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Yes, it’s a screenshot of a tweet by HathiTrust, but still: Happy Public Domain Day! Browse works now in the public domain as of today at*

2019 academic goals: get all As in my classes, learn some basic ASL and Japanese, start saving up to sign up for nclex review like uworld, tutor a&p ☀️

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2019 goals: write more, actually finish a short story, read 100 books, drink more tea (especially green tea) than coffee, exercise 3-5x a week, cook more, travel more ☀️

so 2 days left before my short session class begins and I wanted to ask a question: if you use a laptop/mac or a tablet/ipad, what are your favorite note-taking apps? I've been using OneNote and while I love it for the organization, exporting it is a MESS sometimes. hell, even printing notes can be a hassle sometimes.

Started reading Duane Roller's Cleopatra bio and I'm sort of wishing I had a physical copy instead of the ebook version. Although, the good thing about the kindle version is that highlights are much easier to find.

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I was just telling @JuliaMae that I bought 8oz worth of loose tea and this is why I shouldn't have so much caffeine

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Introduction I guess. I'm Julia! I'm a sophomore theatre major / holocaust studies minor in the northeastern US.

I love fairytales, history (European / 17th-20th century most), musical theatre, dramaturgy, and classic literature.

I'm a bit of a nerd & excited to interact with everyone!

“it was worth it drinking that large cup of earl grey milk tea,” i say as my hands shake and i’m bouncing all over the place.

thank you once more to @BlayneyAJ and @pathowitter for the responses and to @bgcarlisle and everyone who boosted the original post 🥰😘

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@bgcarlisle @veronica

- Normal person: one large HbA band (and perhaps a faint A2 band)

- Homozygous HbS w/o transfusion: one large HbS band, (and minor bands for HbA2 and HbF - variable amount depending on further genotype)

- Sickle trait: 2 large bands: HbA and HBS bands (and perhaps minor HbA2 and HbF bands)

(I can email you Clinical Pathology references that discuss Hb electrophoresis, HPLC etc if you wish) (2/2)

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@bgcarlisle @veronica sure thing - @verinca that's exactly why you have a different migration pattern on electrophoresis (change of net charge). The migration pattern, however, depends on the pH of the gel (alkaline vs acid pH). (1/2)

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