@aaron @vidyasagar Same for me, maybe the ironic paywall is based on geo location?

I don't know, but I'm of the opinion that the viral screencap of the paywall is spreading the author's point much faster than his actual paper would. 😅
@aaron @vidyasagar

@schluff @aaron @vidyasagar Most science journals allow downloads via subscribed universities' networks.

So yes it's geoblocked, just not in a way that's poorly approximating location.

@alcinnz @aaron @vidyasagar I know how university subscriptions work.

In this case we could access it from outside university networks via Tor Browser, so if the access is restricted for others, it implies specific geoblocking in the poorly approximating way.

@vidyasagar catch me tryina rent out an article like a thought landlord

@vidyasagar Somebody should publish "how to use libgen" on nature or one of the others.

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