Last day to sign up to attend !

(Don't worry, we won't be shaming you if you sign up and can't make it or anything—this is just so we can send you the link to the video conference room instead of publishing them and getting the chat spammed or something)

All the presenters are amazing and we'd love to have your feedback or even just your listening ears :)

Also, I'm presenting and I want mine to have a good audience haha

See you at !

heyya last day to sign up to be a moderator! if you have about an hour to spare and want to come to a cool talk while helping make sure that participants + presenters are safe, fill out this form here!

@InvaderXan I have spent hours trying to find which issue this clip is from. Where did you find it?

Random bookmarks 

Instead of saving these to my hard drive, I'm putting them here now. Maybe someone might find them interesting?

• Phosop, Thai goddess of rice

• Eastern vs Western culture about wearing face masks

• Cosmism – early 20th century Russian philosophical and cultural movement

• Orrery, showing positions of planets and other solar system objects for any specified date

• 49 lentil recipes

• Thailand's philosophy of sustainable living

Ripe bananas glow blue in ultraviolet light.

Like many fruit, unripe bananas are green because they're still full of chlorophyll. In bananas, that chlorophyll breaks down into a UV reactive pigment.

Some birds and insects are tetrachromats, and can see UV light. To them, bananas which are ripe and ready to eat are super obvious, and easy to see from the air.

Book idea: Collection of History's Greatest Speeches - Corrected for Sexism

every paper i read cites at least 2 other papers that i immediately add to my "to-read" list. it's like a hydra, this will literally never end.

If we built hardware the same way we build scientific software

We do not know what it is.
There seems to be huge amounts in the Universe.
We have no idea why.

We know exactly what it is.
There seems to be almost none in the Universe.
We have no idea why not.

"Philosophy is what you do to a problem until it’s clear enough to solve it by doing science." - Jerry Fodor

@vidyasagar In fact, of the 216 award recipients in the Physiology or Medicine category, 180 used animal models in their research.

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Did you know, mouse and rat studies have earned around 75 Nobel Prizes in health and physiology?

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