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Hi everyone, a little intro: I’m an academic librarian based in NYC, interested in open science, open access, antitrust laws, knowledge graph technologies and decentralized web.

No Eurovision for me today so here you go some really calming photos of art work on display at MOMA that I took this morning

I had a friend with whom I watched Eurovision together but he passed away and now I can’t get myself to watch it.

If you’re in New York head over to the MET to see the incredible "In America: An Anthology of Fashion"


WOW, I wasn’t taking care of myself during this pandemic. Finally booked a bunch of doctor appointments to make sure I’m ok. I was so focused on not getting covid that I forgot about everything else.

This past week was absolutely incredible or to be precise the Knowledge Graph Conference 2022 was incredible. All the slides are available on Zenodo. My little contribution from few years ago was to ask all presenters to post slides there. Even industry folks did it.

I’m so distracted, can’t follow the 2022 conference.

Criminalizing abortion doesn’t stop abortion, it just makes it less safe.

Incredible symposium today as part of the The Knowledge Graph Conference - The Healthcare and Life Sciences Symposium


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I have to share this because I love the work African American Policy Form is doing:

Next week I’ll be attending KGC 2022 – The Knowledge Graph Conference

It’s a Reply All day at work people!
RIP my inbox

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Just back from our session.
We're an ad hoc group bringing together from Switzerland, Cameroon, and Canada. Given our multilingual contexts and core values in , we've recently started a multilingual wiki through which we wish to develop shared understandings from the ground up.
Feel free to join us!

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We have published a comprehensive literature study for the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research proves benefits of #openaccess. Summary in the TIB blog:

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B!SON - our journal recommender for fully #openaccess journals based on text and citation similarity. Built upon #DOAJ and #OpenCitations metadata. We will establish a free service and will make the code available as #freesoftware. Beta test running now - please have a look and share your views:

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