i want to learn how to use either matlab or mathematica, but I know very little about both- which do y’all think is better/more useful to know?

spiderman: into the spiderverse is a truly breathtaking work of art. i’m literally speechless

@vis_viva on a related note if anyone ever wants to play co-op on steam hmu!!!!

the portal franchise remains, to this day, the best set of video games in existence and i will not listen to any other opinion on this


in non school related news im on a weekend vacation with my best friends and having the Time Of My Life, god bless

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In this picture you're looking at the sun from inside the sun's corona.

Think about that for a minute. This is closer to the sun than anything human-created has ever been.

The two bright arcs shooting from left to right? "two distinct jets of solar material, known as coronal streamers."

The bright spot on the left? That's Jupiter. Almost 500 million miles away.

Sometimes we can do pretty amazing stuff, we humans. In a pretty amazing universe.

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just curious, is anyone else here a member of ostem?

im done with my finals in less than 24 hours pls let me get through it in one piece

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they said I was foolish to waste money on classes about conspiracies and secret societies in undergrad, but hot ladies just liked my posts online so who the fuck is laughing now dad?

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finals n grades stress Show more

finals n grades stress Show more

the thickness of this stack of flashcards... appalling Show more

I read through the last 100 pages of my textbook today..... I feel like death now lmao why does studying have to be so terrible

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