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hello! my name is kat, I'm an undergraduate astronomy & astrophysics and physics double major at a school somewhere in PA. Currently I'm working in a particle astrophysics lab, though that may change in the near future.

Obviously I'm super interested in space, but I am also absolutely fascinated by history, anthropology, and linguistics- so don't be surprised if you see me pop up in your notifications☺️

it's nice to meet all of you

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does anyone understand what this says? I left my work up on the whiteboard and when i came back this was written- i’m so curious!

@vis_viva the thrilling conclusion: they cancelled classes until 5 pm, my midterm is at 6:45. Honestly, i think this was the best case scenario... no i have all day to study and i dont have to worry about rescheduling messing with other exams

i need a snow day tomorrow to cancel my midterm.
by all counts we SHOULD have a snow day tomorrow. But this would be our 3rd this semester so uhhhhhh it’s not looking likely :(

i kinda wanna go to a pet store so i can hold some rats. I miss my babies :(

My favorite professor is teaching the class i’m taking next semester !!!!!!!!!!!! I am ACTUALLY screaming this is the best thing that could have happened!!!

There’s a tradition of painting the bricks in our society of physics student study lounge upon graduation..... this is my favorite

[id: a white brick with the character kyubey from madoka magica’s face painted on, reading “contract? magical grad boy?”]

I would just like to go to sleep when im tired. That is all

@vis_viva on that note the “no sleep ‘till your dead” mentality and culture of just always having work to do... is super unhealthy and i hate it. I shouldnt have to be working from when i wake up to when i go to sleep just to get everything done!!! No one should!! And yet, it seems like everyone around me, myself included, does

when do i get to the part of my academic career where i have a defined start and finish to my working day??? The mindset of 24/7 work is actually killing me... i need structure!! I need rest!!!

i talked with my honors advisor and she agrees that i should look for a new lab... which i figured would be the case but. Idk i really like working with my current PI, so it’s a shame that i can’t stick with him. It’s for the best, but i cant say im looking forward to the process of finding a new one

if anyone cares, we got it to work finally!!! and fixed that terrible chi square :BlobCatPats:

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@vis_viva It would seem that the fit was un*fazed* by the data 😋

when your function fit gives you the exact opposite of what you need.... :ThisIsFine:

please help!

this REU is asking what year I will be next fall, and they have freshman/sophomore/junior/senior listed alongside credit amounts!

I am going to have senior credit standing next year, but I'll only be in my 3rd year of study and I'm not going to be graduating for all intents and purposes, a junior.

what do I put???

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What would change if the sun rose in the West and set in the East? A lot actually.

A retrograde spin would produce a reverse Coriolis effect. Researchers used the Max Planck Institute Earth System Model to produce a model of Earth's climate in this scenario.

Overall, Earth's total desert coverage shrunk from 16 million square miles to 12 million. The Sahara, Middle East, and Australia sprouted grasslands & rainforest, and the American southeast and La Plata, and East China became new deserts.

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also sorry for posting so much about my applications y'all, i'm hoping to submit them this week (tentatively Monday) so i'll be done soon!!

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