Is there multimedia database protocol/software for hosting my music that allows clients to query metadata without having to download whole files? Ideally, software would cache commonly used media files too.

cycling, repairs 

Looks like I get to put off replacing my bottom bracket for a while. My rear axle is snapped. *shakes fist at freewheel design*

New month, my stats are out for August:
Ran 24km 🏃🏻🏃🏻‍ on par with July
Cycled 290km 🚴🏻🚴🏻 slightly above July

90km bike out to Falkirk and back, going to be feeling this tomorrow I think

new merch, album 

It arrived! Had to wait until after work to open it, but Woman on the Internet by Orla Gartland is an absolute banger

New Orla Gartland album, new JoJo song, and new Lorde album all out today. It's a good day for new music!

Today in our graph theory meeting:
"That's like saying every animal with four legs is a horse"

latex, code, academia 

Algorithms-in-maths people: Is there a good way of replacing lines 7-11 in attached image? I want to store all y:=f(x) that satisfy some property over all x in X, but also for each y found, the largest value of g(x). Lines 7-11 seem excessively obvious and distracting

If we privilege digital identification over traditional paper or plastic identification, we will disadvantage people already at society’s margins. DHS’s plan for mobile driver’s licenses (mDLs) doesn’t do enough to avoid this.

i made this for a game engines course last semester and finally rewrote it in a format thats marginally more usable for the general population

(unlikely to be screenreader accessible; not mobile friendly)

🐟 ❤️

Activision Blizzard lawsuit - employee strike 

I’m always extra impressed when people go on strike when they don’t have a union to support them.

Anyone know of a good way in fediverse to get reminded to describe images? On birdsite I use AltTextReminder, which sends a message if I mess up. Ideally, I'd like something like that here (i.e., not client-based as I use multiple clients).

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