More fun publisher surveillance:
Elsevier embeds a hash in the PDF metadata that is *unique for each time a PDF is downloaded*, this is a diff between metadata from two of the same paper. Combined with access timestamps, they can uniquely identify the source of any shared PDFs.

Don't write as little code as needed, write as much code as required to make it readable and understandable.

why yes, I do write alt text for all my posts, it's why I'm so sexy

you too can become sexy by writing image descriptions for your posts and encouraging others to do the same
(if you do not wish to become sexy, writing alt text makes you very cool instead)

yt video, right to repair 

This video from really highlights the many reasons that we really need to fight for the right to repair, it's vital for so many reasons


Quick 32 minute run for 249/1000 for
Just under a quarter of the way there!

is a group activity tracking idea from some friends. Any activity counts, just count to 1000 minutes of activity done. Join in, use the hashtag and maybe make some friends :)

academic publishing 

Nice start to the year - paper on simulation of kidney exchange programmes accepted for publication after only one set of reviews. Will do a proper tweet-thread when I have a link to share

request, zigbee purchasing 

Any UK folks able to recommend some Zigbee power plugs that can both switch on/off and measure used power, preferably ones that work well with Home Assistant?

Magic the gathering arena, pay to win 

Seems the ranks in magic the gathering: arena are neatly delineated into free to play, and play to win. I reach platinum, and hit a ~20 game losing streak, some of which were close, but some where I was crushed, and almost always the opponent had cards I didn't recognise. I wonder what the ethics of deliberately losing games to avoid reaching platinum are.

Just saw Les Miserables at Theatre Royal in Glasgow. It's good to see live theatre again

But do those emissions from streaming media matter? Here are some more figures:

- Watching 3 hours HD 1080p video per day, all year round, results in about 100 kg CO2e. A typical UK car will have emitted the same after driving 700 km.
- Listening 3 hours per day to streaming music results in about 2 kg CO2e per year. A typical UK car will have emitted the same after driving 14 km.
- A 10 km daily commute is about 5000 km per year, or about 700 kg CO2e per year.
- Finally, manufacturing of a 1TB hard disk results in about 200 kg CO2e. You can store about 1000 hours of HD 1080p video on such a disk.
- Every person breathes out about 300 kg CO2 per year.
- All humans breathing is about 5% of the world's total CO2 emissions.

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Do you use Zoom? The company recently announced they may begin showing ads at the end of video calls for "basic" accounts ( Would you rather your work or school video calls be free from advertising and tracking? Check out Jitsi! (

job posting 

For a PhD graduate in math. optimisation, modelling of smart grids / energy markets. It's in Canberra, Aus.

Academia, peer review 

Somehow, even though I'm doing peer review for them for free, I have to "register my keywords" with publishers before I can actually do the peer review. Oh, and agree to their privacy policy, of course.

A few from today.

4 days ago, there was no snow up there to speak of.
Change of conditions and we are getting a reasonable dusting up top.

Even lower hills were white capped on the way in. Expect this to still be very changeable going forwards for a while, but we may get a decent dump if the wind holds for a few days.

We adore the sensory crunch of fresh snow underfoot.
It's fabulous.
We will hike and climb a fair old distance to go hunting for it when it starts to appear 😆

It's probably telling that any time someone I follow posts a photo that includes a bike somewhere, I always zoom into inspect it

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