I will talk on the need for frugal computing and the path towards zero-carbon computing at the Summer/Winter School 2022 on Fri 29 July, 16:00 BST (15:00 UTC).

Hope to see you all there!

You can sign up at summerschool.scholar.social/20


alt account, followage 

I'm keeping this account as my scholar/academic/research account, and will try to use it for more research stuff. However, personal-life things will be happening more at @w_pettersson@toot.cat

I will slowly be adding my current followees on that account, sorry for any spam, and feel free to only follow the account(s) you are interested in

Reviewer 1: this is the best paper I've ever read
Reviewer 2: this is the worst paper I've ever read
Reviewer 3: I talked to reviewers 1 & 2, and I must say, I agree

Mastotip: If you tag person x in a DM with person y, both x and y will be able to see what you said. A common workaround is to put spaces between the @ sign and the username (I.e. @ sandrockcstm @ orbitalstation.one).

This is really key if you are discussing a moderation related issue with an admin, say if person x is harassing you. If you tag that person you can inadvertently get them to see the conversation. This is not clear from the UI and a common trap for new users.

Gentle reminder that camel case hashtags:

1) are considerate of folks using screen readers

2) easier to read in general (have we all forgotten Le Tits Now?)

3) makes you super cool!


Mastodon is part of the Fediverse, a collection of alternative social networks which talk to each other. People on the Fedi can interact even if they're on different kinds of networks.

One of the newest parts of the Fediverse is @owncast, a free open alternative to Twitch. It lets you create live video streams with a chat bar for viewers to interact with the streamer.

Because it's part of the Fediverse, Owncast streaming accounts can be followed from Mastodon. Every time a stream starts, a post will appear on followers' timelines in Mastodon.

You can find out more on the official Owncast website at owncast.online, and there's a directory of Owncast streamers at directory.owncast.online

p.s. Are you a developer? Owncast are currently looking for help with development and design, see here for details: fosstodon.org/@owncast/1081380

#FediTips #Fediverse #OwnCast #Twitch #Alternatives

@platypus @nivex shareholders are a bunch of todlers stamping their feet screaming "BIG MONEY NOW" and this will go on to inform how I think of the economy from now on.

Owncast is a growing open source project that could use your help.

Specifically there's a lot of web UI (#React) that could use somebody who can focus on that. And as the project is nearing a couple years old now, it's becoming time to level-up the architecture of the backend (#Golang) to prepare for new features.


I'd love it if you could share this with your network of talented friends and colleagues to help kick off the next chapter of independent live streaming.

Hello to all you brilliant new people on Mastodon and the Fediverse!

Welcome! 👋

If you're wondering how to get started on here, take a look at this guide for beginners:


If there's anything you want to know, if you have any questions, reply to this post or send me a message and I will try to find the answer 🤔 (And don't worry if you think it's a stupid question, there's no such thing!)

#MastoTips #FediTips #Mastodon #Fediverse #NewHere #Introduction

As of this week, previously 'public' facebook pages seem to be behind a login wall. I can't check the menu for my local Indian takeaway, see which stalls are on the market this week, or get a clue about things happening in the community around me.

I can't find anyone talking about this online, and the only thing anyone - even local biz owners - seem to be able to say to me is *shrug*. What the fuck.


Hello new Fediverse members (and long-time folks alike!)

It's been a while since I did an intro style post.

I'm Michael, a game and web developer currently based near Washington DC. I also post about games, outdoors stuff, tabletop RPGs and a few other things. I'm expecting some big changes over the next year or so and would love to build up more of a network here, so if you're interested in any of that, I'd love to talk!

Boosts appreciated to help reach folks who might wanna chat!

- a microSD card weighs somewhere around 0.4g
- the highest capacity microSD that's easily available is 256GB
- a trebuchet can throw a 90kg projectile over 300m

90kg worth of microSD cards is 225,000 of them

Therefore a trebuchet can throw 57.6PB of data over 300m

This would have the highest throughput of any telecommunications network ever created

Melba Roy (pictured in 1964) headed the group of #NASA mathematicians, known as computers who track the Echo satellites. Roy’s computations helped produce the orbital element timetables by which millions can view the satellite from Earth as it passes overhead.

Marlyn Wescoff (standing) and Ruth Lichterman reprogram the ENIAC in 1946.

For the first time since its first report in 1990, the IPCC has talked about degrowth

A blog post summarising:


Since we're getting a bunch of new folks lately, it's probably worth mentioning the social norm on the Fediverse of captioning pictures. I and other people will not boost pictures without captions because we don't want to exclude anyone unnecessarily.

Another thing we do is provide content warnings. Some common topics to CW include sex, food, genitals, various forms of oppression, violence, sexual assault, and eye contact. But CW as much as you like! It's fun actually, as you'll soon see 😃

, eh? I'm up for it!

I'm Rob. I'm a research chair of communication at Louisiana Tech. I also held a Fulbright Canada Research Chair of Communication, Media and Film at the U of Calgary (and I'm still affiliated with the U of C).

My latest book is about social engineering (both hacker and societal-scale) through masspersonal media. I also have a book about the dark web and one on corporate social media.

I'm currently banging my head writing a book about the .

I am Marc, a TESOL lecturer at Toyo University in Tokyo. I am a researcher at large (pre doctoral candidate) at TU Dortmund, looking at phonology acquisition through multimodal listening texts. I do mixed methods, love duoethnography, Bayesian stats though quite new to it, and :OpenAccess: science/educational resources.
Approachable despite my toots that might indicate dissatisfaction with almost everything.
日本語もOK だけど文法がかなり妙な感じ。よろしくお願いします。

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