Look, I don't know why my phone has Motörhead's art for @snaggletooth but it does okay, and I'm rocking out

new bicycle day 

New bike day! Brakes bedded and gears tweaked to my liking. Now I need to find some trails to hit

new merch, album 

It arrived! Had to wait until after work to open it, but Woman on the Internet by Orla Gartland is an absolute banger

latex, code, academia 

Algorithms-in-maths people: Is there a good way of replacing lines 7-11 in attached image? I want to store all y:=f(x) that satisfy some property over all x in X, but also for each y found, the largest value of g(x). Lines 7-11 seem excessively obvious and distracting

screenshot, graphs 

Managed to set up InfluxDB and Chronograf inside Docker on my RPi4, and connected to HomeAssistant :D

Not sure why this'll be useful, but I can hopefully soon make pretty graphs :D

cycling, glasgow 

For the world's biggest bike ride day, I rode up Kilpatrick Hills. 22km, 400-odd metres of climbing, and some great views

video, voice assistant, tk421 

A productive Sunday - my voice assistant now is called TK421

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