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i'm rusty.

i thrive in a swamp in central south carolina.

i play with words & sounds.

i teach composition & creative writing at a community college.

i love noise, silence, neologisms, entropy, bats.

since we're doing again, I'm faculty at a Nordic design school. my research bridges design research and Science & Technology Studies STS. I'm interested in the practices + narratives (imaginaries) around the 'new industrial revolution', open design, localizing production, maker culture. I'm especially looking at people, groups, communities engaged materially with "sustainability" experimentation at the grassroots. including alternative economies models, postcapitalist organizing.

Ooh, re-!

I’m Achintya, a Community Manager at The Alan Turing Institute. I’m also going to defend my doctoral thesis in a little under 40 days.

I have a background in science communication (also broadly the domain of my doctoral research) and have a fondness for physics.

I am originally from India, but now live in the UK, after having spent just over a decade in Switzerland.

Slightly longer intro over at

Re- time!

I'm Michael, an academic at a large UK research university.

Most of my research and teaching focus on the intersections of business, economics, finance, and political science/international relations.

I like applied econometrics or data science, or whatever dumb name it's calling itself this week.

I toot about lots of other things too; I have very wide-ranging interests.

(re)- ! I'm Danny (he/him), a microbiologist (PhD dropout). I took that experience as a cue to embed myself in DIYbio. I worked in pharmaceutical advertising while also teaching mol-/micro-bio in informal learning spaces.

Currently volunteering as the President of a community lab in NYC called Biotech Without Borders. Trying to organize a self-sustaining collective to steward a shared lab space (2y runway atm).

Also FLOSS, sci-fi, cute (:BlobCat:) stuff, 🇨🇦, 📚, 🍜 , 🎨, 🕺,:d20: ,🎮

Ohey, re- look fun.

I'm an out-on-leave and increasingly likely to be former social studies teacher who moonlights as an amateur researcher into obscure history and weird science, aka I write scifi & fantasy stories where I work really hard to avoid eurocentric perspectives... which means I do a ton of research, which means I ask a lot of questions.

but I try to answer things sometimes too 😅

Welcome new friends!


i'm a statistician, right now finishing my stint as a visiting assistant professor at a large midwestern university, currently looking for a (almost certainly non-academic) job. i work in statistical computing, specifically clustering problems, and have done some stuff with image analysis and some applications in forensics. I have a large number of non-academic interests, too, of course.

The Librem 5 looks like a great phone, and I guess the one year backlog supports my assessment, but it also makes me reluctant to order. The pinephone is a decent runner up, and can arrive quickly. I also don't know for how long this phone will function, I'm surprised it's lasted 5 years, but it stopped getting updates about three years ago which is worrying.

COVID, masks 

Had a nice time in London, but the lack of masks is disappointing. I'd guess between 10% and 25% of tube users wore them. I saw The Ocean at the End of the Lane, and initially had maybe 10% wearing them. After announcing a request to wear them, it went up to maybe even 50%. Unfortunately there was no such request at Mamma Mia, and it stayed at around 10%

Saw The Ocean at the End of the Lane at Duke of York's earlier today, definitely recommend seeing it. The cast and crew put on a performance that is enthralling, magical and terrifying. Up next, Mamma Mia

Yes, there are only two Aussies in this English pub, but also yes we have got them playing hunters and collectors

Look, I don't know why my phone has Motörhead's art for @snaggletooth but it does okay, and I'm rocking out

Started early on my cycling tan this year with a ride up to Loch Lomond. I do like this Spring thing that Glasgow is doing though

Facial recognition company Clearview AI claims to be the vanguard of digital free speech. Its subpoenas targeting activists and organizations concerned about the company shows it’s the opposite: a speech-chilling bully.

peer review, conferences 

In CS, where conference papers are peer-reviewed, published, and generally considered of "higher esteem" than journals, people submit a 10-page paper with a 30-page appendix. Being a conference, review deadlines are still usually a few weeks at most.
With all this, I've taken to only reading the 10 pages, and leaving as a comment "I have not verified the correctness of any proofs not included in the main 10 pages". Is this reasonable?

🇬🇧 EU Commission defends its intention to oblige e-mail, messaging and chat providers to search all private messages for allegedly illegal material and report to the police (#chatcontrol 2). Proposal to be presented on 30 March. Read to protest!

@ researchers who didn't have a background in programming and now work with code: What helped you? What didn't help?

As someone coming from a compsci background I want to help others by making their transition into programming easier :)

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