Add me to the list people who picked up COVID at #CHI2022. Positive test and all the symptoms. I had a negative PCR on a sample taken the day AFTER I returned to SEA so hopefully I didn't share it with anyone in NOLA. Test frequently and take care of yourself everybody!


@mako Get better soon and take care. 💔❤️

I finally joined as you can see. I've been avoiding this place because I was too afraid of being disappointed despite very low expectations.

As it turns out, seems pretty awesome!

As if I'm discovering again. That adventure led to a little VPN where a few local families could play with our kids. Yay !

@wait_sasha Thanks for positive thoughts!

I'm glad you joined us here!

If an Agora hears about a [[wikilink]] or #hashtag, it will try to resolve them for you and link your resources in the [[nodes]] or #nodes you mention.

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