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Giulia ๐Ÿ“š ่Œฑ่Ž‰ไบš

AAARRGG! Again students switching off during listening activities and just declaring: I don't understand anything. And refusing to do anything else. How do you avoid that??

I wish it was Saturday. ๐Ÿต๐Ÿฐ๐Ÿซ๐Ÿต

Facebook is a creepy ex-girlfriend. STOP TEXTING ME

Hoping to enlist the help of some here. Having an event focused on creativity. One workshop is: Creativity at a Distance. Seeking to gather annotations about online teaching & learning and sounds before the workshop.

Would anyone be willing to spend a few minutes contributing?

@ShorterPearson @lauraritchie @katebowles @cogdog @marcjones @dajbelshaw @tellio @dogtrax @Downes (Please invite others I've missed...)

After one year of studying for Cambridge Delta module 1, I finally feel it's paying off.
I felt confident and at ease teaching an upper-intermediate pronunciation class and an advanced study skills workshop this week, something I would have been terrified of doing last year.

I can now say that all that time spent reading and reflecting was indeed well spent.

I can say, for myself, that the reason I first got into Twitter was to get the news as fast as possible. So that's something I'd like to make available through my instance, with my curated feed.

Starting to settle into Mastodon, I see substantial conversations are also possible here. I'd like to bring designers, developers, dreamers, and mad scientists together.

But what other functions are people wishing Mastodon could serve?

What is the difference between USA and USB? Show more

Abolish inheritance

Imagine if the only way to make things better for your own kids was to make things better for everyone else's too

Back to work, back on Mastodon, I hope to be soon back on my blog too.
It's been great to have a break from it all for a while.

#Tech professionals choosing Gmail, MacOS, logged-in Google Maps, the App Store, Chrome's predictive features, iCloudโ€ฆ in the name of convenience, reliability and speed are like chefs or nutritionists eating at McDonald's or KFC every other day because it's quick and easy and it tastes great.

Nothing will ever taste as good as being vegan feels.

Had dinner yesterday with a person who does not believe in climate change.

His argument was: "we're so small, the earth is so big and old. We can't possibly affect its climate. What do scientists know about the earth and its climate, since we've only been here for a small fraction of time compared to how old this planet is."


Doesn't he know that all the information he's giving for granted comes from years of scientific research?

Hey hey mastodon users, just a friendly reminder that if you see stuf that you deem does not follow the rules of your instance, please do use the report button, so admins can take a look and keep federations an enjoyable place to explore!

Ma mairie qui m'envoie 2 documents Word .docx ร  complรฉter pour notre AMAP ๐Ÿ˜’ ๐Ÿ˜’

Je pense que je vais complรฉter et leur envoyer un .odt, et leur dire que s'ils arrivent pas ร  le lire, il faut mettre ร  jour Office et passer ร  la caisse ^^

#InterOperabilitรฉ #ODF #Word #LibreOffice

"White actors must stand up to whitewashing. Ed Skrein shows how | Vera Chok"
White actors must stand up to whitewashing. Ed Skrein shows how
You're gonna like this, @manuel_uberti

They should distribute films like SOMETHING MUST BREAK way more! It would help people understand...