Italian politics:
Vale la pena abbandonare i valori progressisti pur di non far governare Salvini e Meloni?

I will be leaving for Sofia, Bulgaria, soon.
Wish me good luck! 🍀

To Make It to the Moon, Women Have to Escape Earth’s Gender Bias

ableist language 

Okay, maybe you don’t care about how some people react to the usage of words such as “dumb” or “stupid”, but let me tell you why it’s good to avoid them anyway: because it’s never about intelligence.

You can switch to words that describe your opinion with much more precision: a suggestion is “impractical” or “uninformed”, a thought is “tongue-in-cheek”, a point is “inconsequential”, etc.

We frame those inconveniencies as lack of intelligence, but that’s just smoke and mirrors.

"Helping people wake up sucks. They'll hate you for it." Marnero

Virgin shaming, sexual assault 

Reminder not to shame virgins, even people you dislike! There is nothing shameful about being a virgin. Critisize their bad actions and opinions, not their lack of experience.

Shaming virgins can lead to people, especially teenagers, to be pressured to do things they are not comfortable with. It can also make someone feel bad for being sexually assaulted by their partner or someone they're "supposed" to have sex with, because it can feel like you were "supposed" to enjoy if you weren't such a prude. It makes it easier for abusers to convince someone that they owe them sex, as this can make people feel like something is wrong with not wanting sex.

No one owes anyone sex, and there is nothing shameful about not wanting sex or taking a while to get comfortable with the idea. Please take care about what you say and who it might affect.

AAARRGG! Again students switching off during listening activities and just declaring: I don't understand anything. And refusing to do anything else. How do you avoid that??

Hoping to enlist the help of some here. Having an event focused on creativity. One workshop is: Creativity at a Distance. Seeking to gather annotations about online teaching & learning and sounds before the workshop.

Would anyone be willing to spend a few minutes contributing?

@ShorterPearson @lauraritchie @katebowles @cogdog @marcjones @dajbelshaw @tellio @dogtrax @Downes (Please invite others I've missed...)

After one year of studying for Cambridge Delta module 1, I finally feel it's paying off.
I felt confident and at ease teaching an upper-intermediate pronunciation class and an advanced study skills workshop this week, something I would have been terrified of doing last year.

I can now say that all that time spent reading and reflecting was indeed well spent.

Abolish inheritance

Imagine if the only way to make things better for your own kids was to make things better for everyone else's too

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