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@joelizlar Hard to tell if it is really 30% but who will doubt that it is at least "substantial". If feel very upset (utterly p....d off) that in the mainstream discourse on migration issues "somehow" the responsibility of (big) corporations remains mostly in the shadow, doesn't it?

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The 20 Firms Behind a Third of All Carbon Emissions

"New data shows how fossil fuel companies have driven climate crisis despite industry knowing dangers."


@cassandreces I know someone who did and in fact is struggling. Methodological issues?

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read "core labor standards" here instead of human rights ..

sustainability reports are a good thing, aren't they? In the best case they are evidence for the good practice of a company. But then, how should one interpret statements that 50% or 45% or 65% or whatever percentage of workers along a transnational supply chain work in top rated factories? What about the rest? Does approximating human rights make any sense? Aren't they already the lowest acceptable limit?

@AskChip @drbjork I make lousy cakes, I'll have to update my profile in order to minimize disinformation πŸ€”

@AskChip @drbjork What are your favourites and greatest cooking challenges?

@drbjork Vegetarian meals are my specialty, but I'm getting better at cooking meat as well, which I do only one in a while. Pasta dishes: dream. Oven potatoes: pure extasy. Crepes: rocking big time. Lasagne: oh, oh, oh yes! I have some more πŸ˜… but I must quit

(We) humans have a tendency to "paint over", to retouch the way we think and feel about things in order to reduce tensions that come along with them.

This phenomenon is well known, eg.:

Theory of cognitive dissonance (L. Festinger, youtube.com/watch?v=korGK0yGID)

Moral disengagement (A. Bandura, youtube.com/watch?v=JjuA4Xa7ui).

"The challange here is to explain how good people can do cruel things" (Bandura).

Question: are humans able to pursue sustainability thoroughly?

It is so amazing: writing experts, or rather a simple online calculation tool for fools, claim to be able to write a Ph.D. theses within 8 hours for ten grand; note that if willing to wait for one whole day instead, one can save 2000$. expertwriting.org/

I must be on the rather less talented side, since it took me years to write my thesis. πŸ˜†

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