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I am an educator. I am faced with a interesting problem. Apple is switching to 64 bit only applications. I need a full featured (something like EasyGrade Pro) stand alone grade book program since I will not be able to use the 32 bit version much longer. Not really interested in a cloud based program. TIA

@wdmonte I wish I had a meant-for-grading app to share with you, but I've never tried one I liked and eventually just settled on using a spreadsheet since I could customize the heck out of it for whatever class I taught.

As you aren't interested in cloud based solutions, I would suggest something like Libre Office.

@theartguy I will be honest with you and say I lack the skills to set up a spreadsheet to do the things I need to do. Weighted averages, point vs percentage calculations, etc. What has happened is big Student information companies have bought up the stand alone programs and made the cloud/subscription based. Blackboard bought EasyGrade Pro for just that reason.

@wdmonte I didn't either, at first.

Fortunately, there are more free templates out there than what existed when I first slogged through it. These from MIT look promising:

@wdmonte @theartguy I agree with @theartguy. Using open source apps/formats is probably the best way to protect oneself against this kind of things. Apple (and its eco-system) lives on this shit.

Aaron had a really good solution. It should be pretty future proof and also work in multiple applications.

@shellkr @theartguy I have started to delve into the templates he suggested. I am treading a bit carefully since the spreadsheet ecosystem is one I am not familiar with. I am just being honest in admitting my lack of insight.

@wdmonte @theartguy It is fairly easy. Be careful when you do changes though and test it well. Let it take the time it takes. It can be quite useful to know how to use spreadsheets. Not just for this but for other stuff too. ;)

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