Dreaming of a famous historian marrying his young grad student 👎

Spending most of dream playing with and reading to child of the pair 👍

I am on a German bear tour. This week Bern, next week Berlin. Yesterday on my run I passed by the bear park. I recalled that Guy Vanderhaeghe story "Dancing Bear."

I'm in Bern for a workshop on "Communities of Strangers in the Mediterranean area." Lots of early modern content--always fresh and challenging for this stodgy modernist. hist.unibe.ch/ueber_uns/aktuel

Tomorrow I get to do a running race in the woods. First race in six months. I'm still carrying a little injury and definitely not in shape. Excited and nervous to enter the sublime state of high heart rate.

In about one hour, @abbe98 and I will be querying and editing #wikidata live. It will have a slight theme of #wmhack, but with the perspective of it as content in Wikidata rather than hacking ourselves. youtube.com/watch?v=3LO_JwNUZN

TFW a couple years ago you posted a cry for help on the web for a dead application you don't have the time/focus to recode and, out of nowhere, somebody sends you a link to the new version they built and asks about open-licensing it. :BlobCatHeart:

Open source is digital mutual aid, and I don't really know why so many people miss that

I'm trying upwork today for web hosting help, and boy does it make life easier.

Busy week in Israel, what with assassinating journalists, attacking coffins, expanding settlement, and ivywashing at the Dan David Prize ceremony on Wednesday.

$300,000 is a lot of bribe to decline, but Catherine Hall did it in 2016.

Documents in Gabriel Noradounghian's Recueil d'actes internationaux de l'Empire ottoman (1897-1903), by type.

I see that is seeking to hire a part-time, remote "Education and Community Lead": programminghistorian.org/posts

Key duties:

- train educators to use PH lessons
- develop community activities for current + potential partner orgs
- work across Spanish, French, and Portuguese

and...I got the time zone wrong and missed it. oops!

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If you're a woman or gender minority in DH, DH-WoGeM would love to hear from you about what a new group in ADHO could do to support you: forms.gle/saGAQh6RvSsb6eAN6

RT @DHWoGeM@twitter.com

Happy #DayofDH2022, friends! In the before-times we tried to organize a group for women & gender minorities in DH. Let's try this again. Would you kindly fill out our check-in survey about what would be useful? 💖

🐦🔗: twitter.com/DHWoGeM/status/151

Today I'm working with to complete reconciliation of Indicateur Egyptien 1897 and 1904. Earlier version here: github.com/whanley/names-data/

The aim is to build a personography of turn of the century Egypt for use in the . Ideally, I'll deploy this on a instance.

#OtD 28 Apr 2011 glorious leader of the proletariat, Labour shadow chancellor @EdBalls@twitter.com made his first tweet: simply his own name "Ed Balls". Today, Ed Balls Day, we remember.

I've just learned that Version 2.1-beta of the World Historical Gazetteer is live at whgazetteer.org

"It introduces Place Collections, authored sets of individual WHG place records meaningfully connected on any theme, and which can be annotated. Place Collections can be made public and optionally include e.g. related links, images, and a PDF file. Some may recognize the new Place Collections as an implementation of the concept."


To help some of the newcomers make connections: name 5–7 things that interest you but aren't in your profile, as tags so they are searchable. Then boost this post or repeat its instructions so others know to do the same.

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