So I guess it's time for my

I'm Andrea, a landscape archaeologist based in Rome. I did my PhD on spatial distribution of Iron Age archaeological sites along the Euphrates river.

Currently, I am working on remote sensing tools applied to cultural heritage and arch. landscape studies, plus on Historic Landscape Characterization in the Near East, and similar.

Super happy to have found this community on Mastodon!

@whysofurious Welcome! You are the only colleague from Sapienza University I found on Mastodon :-)


@paolomonella Thanks! me too actually :) I guess alternatives to mainstream socials and FOSS in general are not really popular things in Sapienza, especially in some departments 😂

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@whysofurious Right. This applies to social networks in general though. I live two lives: latinist and digital humanist (DH). The DH community thrives on Twitter, while classicists are only in (if anywhere). In Mastodon, very few people in general. But being there (Mast.) is the right thing to do

@paolomonella I agree with you, archaeologists are also predominantly on, but most GIS and Remote Sensing discussion really shine on twitter. I really hope one day it will be the same on Mastodon :)

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