So I guess it's time for my

I'm Andrea, a landscape archaeologist based in Rome. I did my PhD on spatial distribution of Iron Age archaeological sites along the Euphrates river.

Currently, I am working on remote sensing tools applied to cultural heritage and arch. landscape studies, plus on Historic Landscape Characterization in the Near East, and similar.

Super happy to have found this community on Mastodon!

@whysofurious welcome to fedi! The coffee (including decaf) is over there, soy and almond milk available. Sometimes people bring cookies, feel free to help yourself!

You'll find all sorts of people here. Some might seem weird initially; don't worry, they do not have bad intentions.

Still, if you feel some interactions are bringing you down, just mute them, and don't think twice about it. Nobody will hold this against you. Self-care is important. We're all here to have fun. :blobcatthinksmart:


@rysiek Ahaha thanks! and thank you for the advices :) I totally agree about self-care and having fun, not doing so it would run such an amazing platform :)

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