As I wrote before, Python really isn't suitable to use in "data" files such as game definitions, because it cannot prevent security problems. Lua is much better for that.

So I've been moving my visual novel engine (for schools) to use Lua, and I've updated my Python-Lua module to the current versions of Python and Lua.

Unfortunately Lua is also not secure by default. But at least it can be made secure. So of course I've done that.

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@aeva I had seen you mention it before and briefly looked at it. Not sure why I didn't look further, probably because someone replied that it was quite specific to Roblox.

Now that I've looked at it in more detail, that doesn't seem to be the case and I like their choices. Seems they've taken some inspiration from Kotlin.

I'm mostly done wrapping Lua5.4 now, but I may end up moving to luau at some point. Thanks for the tip.

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