I finally have a first version of my portfolio ready. It contains some of my projects in software, hardware and education. And of course I also added a link to my profile here on Mastodon. 🙂

The page is for my business, which is currently mostly asleep, but making this portfolio is a step in the process of changing that.

Also @aeva may want to read at least the acknowledgements in my dissertation. It's from 2016, but I never sent it to you even though you are in it. 😉

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@wijnen Hi! I couldn't find any mention of the word "business" in your website, I was wondering what is it about and what are your goals with it.

@artificialphilosopher True, at the moment I've just written a portfolio.

The original plan with it was to do workshops with teachers to build 3-D printers. That is still an option, but I'm also open to other things related to education and/or STEM.

I haven't really decided what direction I want to take with it, so if someone has an offer, that may trigger me to choose that direction. Otherwise, I'm making plans to decide it and to work on going that way. If that makes sense. 😉

@aeva The portfolio is linked on my profile: The dissertation is linked from the education section, the direct link is

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