My project to control my central heating is slowly but steadily progressing. I have now made a board. It looks good, but unfortunately programming the microcontrollers doesn't work and I have no idea why.

If you want to help, details are here:

Doing a small repair every now and then is good for my mental health. 😃
A friend asked me to fix the broken button on this e-reader. Opening the case without damaging it was the hardest part. Now I just have to wait for the glue to dry. 🛠️

Well, this took ages and I'm proud that I finally found it: I believe there is a bug in the atmega32u4 (the heart of the Leonardo, which supports USB), where it will not move to the status phase after receiving an OUT packet on a control endpoint.

Now I understand why everyone on the internet, including the Arduino library, seems to have given up on making the HID request SET_REPORT work. But I have a workaround and it works!

To build a thing for my central heating, I wanted to program an attiny microcontroller. I don't like the system, so I wrote a replacement. To be complete, I also implemented USB. To debug it, I wrote a USB sniffer on an avr (with a parser to make sense of the data).

Now backtracking has finally begun: my sniffer works, I can fix the USB code now.

Maybe I'll even finish the heating project at some point.

I made it a quick print, because I expect to want some adjustments soon, so I don't need high quality yet. But it looks good, so I've mounted it and I'll find out how long it will hold. 😃

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It's looking good. I used my new wrapper that can handle assemblies to design it and am now printing the parts. I hope they will fit well.

And if not, I'll fix it and print them again. I like living in the future. 🙂

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Today I fixed a clock. The wall wasn't entirely vertical, so I just had to attach a spacer to the back to make sure the pendulum could swing freely.

I love fixing clocks. 😍

I'm done with analyzing the Nemesis ROM file to generate a map. It's not complete, but I have everything I want to put in the video to make about it. And I've found a lot of interesting things along the way. The video is coming soon.

Reverse-engineering of nemesis (gradius) for from the ROM image is going well. I've generated the level tiles and have just drawn in the trigger areas for secrets.

I'm making good progress with my OpenSCAD wrapper. I've changed it so the object definition is not a program to run, but a "data" file that is loaded into the program. It's still executed as Python though, so it's not safe to run an untrusted file.

Anyway, I'm designing a lock that can be created with a laser cutter as a demonstration, so I thought I'd share a picture.

I made a video of a cute toad on the campingsite, but uploading it here seems to be a problem. So here's a screenshot.

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