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Today I fixed a clock. The wall wasn't entirely vertical, so I just had to attach a spacer to the back to make sure the pendulum could swing freely.

I love fixing clocks. 😍

I'm done with analyzing the Nemesis ROM file to generate a map. It's not complete, but I have everything I want to put in the video to make about it. And I've found a lot of interesting things along the way. The video is coming soon.

Reverse-engineering of nemesis (gradius) for from the ROM image is going well. I've generated the level tiles and have just drawn in the trigger areas for secrets.

I'm making good progress with my OpenSCAD wrapper. I've changed it so the object definition is not a program to run, but a "data" file that is loaded into the program. It's still executed as Python though, so it's not safe to run an untrusted file.

Anyway, I'm designing a lock that can be created with a laser cutter as a demonstration, so I thought I'd share a picture.

I made a video of a cute toad on the campingsite, but uploading it here seems to be a problem. So here's a screenshot.

Recently I've been working on a Python module which lets you generate OpenSCAD code. It solves the two biggest problems I have with OpenSCAD: that it cannot store models in variables, and that assemblies are near impossible to make for more complex projects. I like what I have so far, and expect to publish a first working version soon.

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