Fast internet: good
No internet: good
Slow or intermittent internet: proof that god is real and that they hate you specifically

why having bad internet is worse than having no internet 

"hope in reality is the worst of all evils because it prolongs the torments of man"

-friedrich nietzsche

@willianbusch You probably can find the clues you need in James Turner's "Philology: the Forgotten Origins of the Modern Humanities" and Chapter 1 of Peter Berry's "Beginning Theory, 2nd Ed" (which opens with a history of English studies in the UK & US), amongst other sources, but those two come to mind for me....

Hey! I need some suggestions of bibliography about the creation of English Departments in US/Canada. Any info?

Rule 32 of Montreal:

If you can imagine it, there's a cafe of it

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Me: Hello, Sci-hub

Mathematician Marie-Sophie Germain, who established foundational results in the study of both Fermat’s Last Theorem and the theory of elasticity, and was the first woman to win the Prix Extraordinaire of the Paris Academy of Sciences, was born #OTD in 1776.
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I never actually liked the lightsaber battle between Obi Wan Kenobi and Lord Vader at the Death Star. This version is way more interesting.

The X-Files first five seasons appears to be a very different universe from the rest. There are some episodes like Red Museum that are so interesting.

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We will be reading: "Hegemonic Heteronormativity: Toward a New Era of Queer Family Theory" by Allen and Mendez

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Your entire life, you've been told you're deathly allergic to bees. You've always had people protecting you from them, be it your mother or a hired hand. Today, one slips through and lands on your shoulder. You hear a tiny voice say "Your Majesty, what are your orders?"
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I'm a PhD candidate in History at Federal University of Paraná (Brazil). My research topic is the emergence and legitimacy of science fiction studies in the US (1970-1980). I have a MA in Anthropology and a BA in Philosophy.

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