Third part of my philosophical investigation of love -- a discussion of Lèvinas' analysis of the caress. Read on if you're interested:

I've continued my investigation of the phenomenon of love by looking at Scheler's *Wesen und Formen der Sympathie* from 1912. Read on if you're interested:

I have decided to start a blog. It's mostly just static html with a bit of css and Javascript thrown in to make things pretty.

Content-wise it's going to be a mixed bag. I have started out with initiating a philosophical investigation of the phenomenon of love. You can follow along here, if interested:

A daily dose of Cartesian wisdom: "When in doubt, doubt."

PhD in , yet I have also dabbled with Comp. Litt. and Comp. Science.

My interests include analogue , GNU/Linux, programming, old school computer RPGs (currently working towards completing "Pool of Radiance"), and alternative/indie music from the 80's and 90's.

I have grown tired of traditional social media, and until I succeed in developing my own anti-social social network, I thought I'd give Mastodon a try. I am here looking for meaningful exchange.

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