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And we're back; scholar.social is now running on Mastodon 1.5.1!

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I wrote a thing, about meetings, connections, and Mastodon. There are nods to people, but I haven't mentioned anyone by name- if you think I'm talking about you, I probably am, in a good way I promise.

wp.me/p4Ng5z-SA mastodon.social/media/HUieddHw

Scholar friends in/out of academia, why do you do what you do? Recently had another friend/colleague leave an institution of higher ed to go back to K12 and serve in a director/admin role. What keeps you in/out of academia?

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Instead of using Mastodon as a place to push out 'news' and articles that I come across that I find interesting, I'm doing that in a broadcast-only space:


It's the 'live' version of my weekly newsletter - i.e. I blast out links when I come across them, and then curate a subset of them in an email that goes out every Sunday:


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I had an uncomfortable reaction to the font link in the newsletter.

(thanks to @mrkrndvs for pointing me to it.)

What's so great about the default font?

It isn't the same on my client as it is on yours if the default delivery is html.

If you are used to yours, mine will "frighten" you?

Are all those magazines suddenly crazy because they have a font selection different from my email?

Or did I miss something?

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@wiobyrne great newsletter as always Ian.

The more I dig into the whole Upslash situation, the less I know/understand. Waiting for someone not so vested to provide an opinion.

In regards to the brain, Cathy Davidson touches upon it in Now You See It readwriterespond.com/2016/01/r Worth a read (if you have not already).

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Just sent out issue #103 of my newsletter. This week's issue is titled - Ignorance is Strength.


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Mozilla and the National Science Foundation are offering a $2 million prize for big ideas that decentralize the web. 👍

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@katebowles It also occurs to me that the Twitter feed comes at you while the Mastodon feed comes to you. By that I mean that everything here is all asked for and at a walking pace. Yeah, I like the slow tick of the feed, the amble of it, a feldgang of the possible, lentement, just right for the idler in me.

Just sent out issue #102 of my weekly newsletter on technology, education, & literacy. This week is all about Pleasure & pain in online spaces -


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The questions you ask about the world help you determine your success in the world.

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@wiobyrne @clhendricksbc @TheWayneGibbons @mahabali @Autumm @theartguy @ekcragg @katebowles

BE the person you want to be.

If it turns out that person is the one you actually are, all the better.

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I use Mastodon across Android (phone), iOS (tablet) and web (Linux laptop). I've just switched from Amaroq to Tootle on iOS, mainly so that I can use the iPad in landscape mode with my keyboard case.


Would welcome any advice if people have found different/better iOS clients. Happy enough with Tusky on Android for the moment! social.coop/media/l2PCAdkc6g6D

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A reminder to current and future subscribers to my newsletter that I'm updating my 'Thought Shrapnel Live' channel on Telegram regularly: telegram.me/thoughtshrapnel

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@Algot @wiobyrne @mahabali @clhendricksbc @Autumm @theartguy @TheWayneGibbons @ekcragg

I think I write to be read by only one or two people (both live with me), mostly I think I write for me. That is, to me writing is a struggle and a puzzle. I find it absorbing and that's an experience I seek. Readers show up as a complete blessing but I'm lying on the floor by that point.