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And we're back; scholar.social is now running on Mastodon 1.5.1!

@Gnoopin agreed. And, I haven't read The Stranger in some years. You're making me want to head back and read it next.

Thank you for reaching out. :)

Just sent out issue #105 of my TL;DR newsletter. You need it because your crystal ball ain't so crystal clear



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@dajbelshaw Nope, this should be better... Pressure?!?! scholar.social/media/KBmrLlklQ

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@TheWayneGibbons I agree. I value opportunities to educate others and help them become experts in teaching & learning with tech. I also know that I'm (possibly) impacting future generations with the students they (my students) teach. My research drills down into the specific skills and practices individuals use as they utilize digital tools and spaces. This helps me understand what's happening and stay relevant.

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I wrote a thing, about meetings, connections, and Mastodon. There are nods to people, but I haven't mentioned anyone by name- if you think I'm talking about you, I probably am, in a good way I promise.

wp.me/p4Ng5z-SA mastodon.social/media/HUieddHw

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Scholar friends in/out of academia, why do you do what you do? Recently had another friend/colleague leave an institution of higher ed to go back to K12 and serve in a director/admin role. What keeps you in/out of academia?

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Just after reading this post, this research query came in on the AoIR listserv: quittingsocialmedia.wordpress.

The survey looks interesting as well.

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Instead of using Mastodon as a place to push out 'news' and articles that I come across that I find interesting, I'm doing that in a broadcast-only space:


It's the 'live' version of my weekly newsletter - i.e. I blast out links when I come across them, and then curate a subset of them in an email that goes out every Sunday:


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I had an uncomfortable reaction to the font link in the newsletter.

(thanks to @mrkrndvs for pointing me to it.)

What's so great about the default font?

It isn't the same on my client as it is on yours if the default delivery is html.

If you are used to yours, mine will "frighten" you?

Are all those magazines suddenly crazy because they have a font selection different from my email?

Or did I miss something?

@daibarnes @BenjaminDoxtdator @dajbelshaw @mrkrndvs Still wondering. Sometimes I feel like a hamster waiting/watching for that social media notification to validate my work. But, then if it does/doesn't happen...it doesn't really impact me.

That...and thinking a lot lately about "lurkers" as I shared in TL;DR.

@mrkrndvs @Algot agreed. I think Lifehacker pushed it too far by suggesting that it made people seem a certain way. I do think it's worthwhile to review/audit/consider the fonts we use and see what they suggest about us.

@mrkrndvs I've been trying to figure out the best way to address the Unsplash situation as well. I wish they would just keep the CC0 license.

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@wiobyrne great newsletter as always Ian.

The more I dig into the whole Upslash situation, the less I know/understand. Waiting for someone not so vested to provide an opinion.

In regards to the brain, Cathy Davidson touches upon it in Now You See It readwriterespond.com/2016/01/r Worth a read (if you have not already).

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Just sent out issue #103 of my newsletter. This week's issue is titled - Ignorance is Strength.