Moving my Mastodon identity over to a new instance. I was getting a bit unnerved at everything requiring a CW (content warning) on the instance.

As a note, most of my ideas will require a CW. I write about progressive ideas, believe in critical literacy, & think the current system is broken. My goal in writing/sharing is to push my thinking...& get you to push yours. So...please be warned. :)

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@rmdes Thanks for the guidance. I exported over the people I'm following, and then decided to leave my old toots where they are. I'll start brand new in the new instance. Also interested to see how they old instance "connects" with the new one. More interested in pruning & curating my cyberinfrastructure. Especially Facebook. ;)

@rmdes interesting. I initially joined the instance because I'm...a scholar. :) And, I though that was a value-add to my identity. But, if I could keep those identities connected...I would like to. Right now, my identity is dimmed out, and it has a small link shuttling people over to my new identity.

Also trying to connect all of these wires with my IndieWed wires, so that's fun.

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