@rmdes interesting. I initially joined the scholar.social instance because I'm...a scholar. :) And, I though that was a value-add to my identity. But, if I could keep those identities connected...I would like to. Right now, my scholar.social identity is dimmed out, and it has a small link shuttling people over to my new identity.

Also trying to connect all of these wires with my IndieWed wires, so that's fun.

@rmdes Thanks for the guidance. I exported over the people I'm following, and then decided to leave my old toots where they are. I'll start brand new in the new instance. Also interested to see how they old instance "connects" with the new one. More interested in pruning & curating my cyberinfrastructure. Especially Facebook. ;)

Moving my Mastodon identity over to a new instance. I was getting a bit unnerved at everything requiring a CW (content warning) on the scholar.social instance.

As a note, most of my ideas will require a CW. I write about progressive ideas, believe in critical literacy, & think the current system is broken. My goal in writing/sharing is to push my thinking...& get you to push yours. So...please be warned. :)

"The original dream of social media — producing healthy discussions, unlocking new forms of creativity, connecting people to others with similar interests — shouldn’t be discarded because of the failures of the current market… bit.ly/2GGSyqQ

@mrkrndvs I'm playing with IFTTT and the plug-in now to see what I like best. We'll see what comes of this. ;)

@chrisaldrich that is also a great idea. I've never thought about making those posts drafts using IFTTT and then coming back later to edit/revise or delete. Hmmm.... now I just need to do it. :)

Trying to make sense of the fundamental changes or tradeoffs in text as we move from print to pixel? Here's a short primer to kickstart your research. bit.ly/2pLeOGp

@chrisaldrich thanks for sharing such granular feedback. My current system is quite sloppy. I find pieces I'd like to share or just save. These all end up in Pinboard. I'm thinking that I'd like to carve out time to quickly post & briefly comment on posts on my WordPress site for my newsletter. Some of these posts would make it to the newsletter...others for my possible later use.

But, I want a place for quotes, podcast clips, news, tricks, etc.

Thanks again.

@mrkrndvs I've really been interested in the collection/curation I see from you &
@chrisaldrich - I'm in the process of figuring out how to build up a WordPress site to serve as the "commonplace book" on the WordPress site, keep it simple, and have it pump into my weekly newsletter. Any links/guidance/plugins on how to make this happen is definitely appreciated.

I want to keep this as simple/lightweight as possible. :)

Looking for guidance on how to handle challenges in & out of your control? Here's some guidance from Stoic philosophy on "examining your impressions" bit.ly/2I7Lros

Reteaching Teaching: Pedagogy & Teacher Training for the Digital Age that is "openly networked, interest powered, production centered, peer supported, shared purpose, academically oriented." - DML Central bit.ly/2GwmSEv

Frickin' Packets. All about worksheets, student learning, & possibly replacing your worksheets with better, richer alternatives. - Cult of Pedagogy @cultofpedagogy@twitter.com bit.ly/2I5p5E8

5 Myths and misconceptions in learning theory - Technology Enhanced Learning - University of Sussex bit.ly/2Gvt5Ro

Facebook's Data Scandal Is Bigger Than Cambridge Analytica (Or Facebook). "It’s a moment that forces us, collectively, to step back and think about what we sacrificed for a more convenient & connected world". - BuzzFeed bit.ly/2I3VcEj

Facebook's Data Scandal Is Bigger Than Cambridge Analytica (Or Facebook). "It’s a moment that forces us, collectively, to step back and think about what we sacrificed for a more convenient & connected world". - BuzzFeed bit.ly/2I3VcEj t.co/aKvjfcW7vm

@mrkrndvs that's my thinking. I either share or use pinboard to share/save links. But, I'm finding the need/desire to share a trail of bread crumbs of stuff I find during the day. This could be a quote or thought from a podcast, a quote from a blog post, etc. I'm thinking these could all feed into my newsletter...while also providing the individual links for stories in TL;DR.

@mrkrndvs thanks for the share. I'm in the process of following the lead you've established in collecting links and providing some commentary, and then heading to TL;DR. In this, I've been wondering about companies keeping/selling my data/identity. I've also been wondering about keeping my own set of bread crumbs online.

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