Our preprint is out! Modeling COVID-19 disease biology to identify drug treatment candidates biorxiv.org/content/10.1101/20

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👋 I’m a scientist who's spent the last decade of my life doing research. Everyone reading or watching the news lately has been exposed to more science & data than they could have ever imagined (or hoped for), AND THE TIME HAS COME TO GET THE WORD OUT ABOUT HOW SCIENCE IS DONE!

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D’Addario’s engineering team has found a way to transform Evans G2 drumheads into protective face shields for medical workers battling the coronavirus pandemic. The goal is to be in production by April 27th and to quickly ramp up to a capacity of 100,000 face shields per week.

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Hey again people. So I had some free time and gathered all of your answers to my previous question as to what apps do you #selfhost . You can all see that winner is #Nextcloud followed by #Yunohost . Quite curious to see why eg. one can selfhost an RSS and not get the links directly from its source and read them in a client...Also quite few of you run these services on a Pi3 or 3b+. So here they are below:

Answered = 19 people

Nextcloud = 14
Yunohost = 7
TinyTinyRss = 3
Nginx = 1
Karriggell = 1
Django and Mezzanine = 1
Kallithea = 1
pyftpdlib = 1
Radicale = 1
Wallabag = 1
Monica (CRM) = 1
Ssh server = 1
Pleroma = 2
Webserver for site = 3
TeamSpeak3 = 1
Calibre = 2
Plex = 2
Monero node = 1
Web monitoring apps
Keeweb = 1
Gitea = 3
Grav = 1
Syncthing = 1
Dokuwiki = 1
Gitlab = 1
Mastodon = 2
Opensondage = 1
Roundcube = 2
Searx = 3
Zerobin = 1
Wordpress = 2
CodiMD = 1
Torproject relay = 1
WriteAs = 1
PHPmyAdmin = 1
Custom scripts w Ulr shortener = 1
Piwigo = 3
WebTrees = 1
Sogo = 1
EmailPoubelle = 1
PrivateBin = 1
Matrix-Riot = 1
Wekan = 1
Writefreely = 1
Minecraft server = 1
Gogs = 1
Peertube instance = 1
FreshRSS = 2
Kanboard = 1
Halcyon = 1
FirefoxSync = 2
Pi-hole = 1
Transmission = 1
Monitorix = 1
XMPP = 1
Ampache = 1
Hubzilla = 1

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Facebook now publicly praises privacy, but in court they present a different message saying “There is no invasion of privacy at all, because there is no privacy” & "You have to closely guard something to have a reasonable expectation of privacy." Um, no. dailydot.com/debug/facebook-la

I've been running - an alternative mobile OS - on a new for several weeks and am very pleased with it. Can definitely be used as a daily driver and the XA2 battery lasts for days. Support an alternative to and . sailfishos.org

The FDA "is developing a framework for regulating artificial intelligence products used in medicine that continually adapt based on new data." statnews.com/2019/04/02/fda-ne

The largest health data steward "on the planet," the Department of Health and Human Services, plans to make its data releases actionable for entrepreneurs and patients. The clinical and economic impact of this connected health information could be enormous for patients and entrepreneurs alike.

Big Data Big News: Largest Health Data Org on Planet Promises "Actionable" Info Release


So many great points in this essay on metric fixation. Measuring productivity through performance metrics discourages initiative, innovation and risk-taking, and results in gaming, goal displacement and short-termism.

It's no surprise then that a recent study suggests that performance measurement systems negatively impact performance, finding that employee behavior can change when performance is being measured.

Nice analysis of skills in demand today and specific focus of work.
Healthcare data scientist qualifications, skills, and job focus: a content analysis of job postings | Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association

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