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📝 Taguette 0.4 is out 📝

* Export all highlights associated with a tag, or all highlights in general as PDF, DOCX, HTML
* Export tagged documents as PDF, DOCX, HTML

Update your installation:

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What do you call the area outside of the focus?

Es ist soweit!

"#Mastodon und Haftung für dezentrale Netzwerke – #Rechtsbelehrung Folge 60" 🐘🎧 Malte Engeler (u.a. von @DeathMetalMods) & geben Tipps für Instanzbetreiber und blicken rechtlich in die Zukunft der Online-Kommunikation, während ich versuche das Ganze zu er- und hinterfragen. #podcast #dsgvo #tmg #tkg #overTheTop

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New publication on collaborative writing with GitLab Show more

New publication on collaborative writing with GitLab Show more

Looking forward to showing "The Internet's Own Boy" about activist Aaron Swartz at 18:15 at Hamburg University of Technology.

If you are around come and join us on this special event in the weekly Hack[a|er]space!

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Participation in public schools Show more

With the start of the today the Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH) released their Open Policy.

This is a great day for all colleagues and me that co-authored the policy and brought open discourses to this point at our university! (English coming soon)

Well, thought I'd send my first toot 🙂 I'm a College trainer in , also doing MSc at Ulster Uni into efficacy of & in Recovery Colleges. Also a fan, , rocker & Mum. Hi to all 🙂

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