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Axel Dürkop @xldrkp

@dajbelshaw Ok, I just applied for an account.

@dajbelshaw Finally got the Stir To Action magazine in print. Read it on the beach today. Very inspiring, your article and some others I've read so far.

I did not know that the -op initiative is that big in the UK. Honestly, I did not know that it existed that way and is not just an idea but lived practice.

What would you recommend to read to get deeper into co-ops in theory and practice?

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@chrwahl Got it. Good information around that website and the channel. Thx.

@bgcarlisle Good point. I don't use either, because I try to avoid . Just like to learn from their way of architecting collaboration and their LaTeX.

Do you use other tools to write collaboratively?

@bgcarlisle Well, that's definitely an argument. I think Authorea is the answer to several tendencies in research: (1) the need to publish on a high frequency (2) the advantage of writing collaboratively (3) the Open Science approach to make the research and documentation process completely transparent.

In a field where you have to be faster than others the tool might not fit.

By the way, one van learn a lot from their LaTeX templates even when you just export lorem ipsum.

@bgcarlisle Have you ever tried and its export function for various journals?

@USBhump I read it! Thanks for sharing. I have similar experience from f2f activist groups in other political and social context. The use of social media doesn't make it easier to get along with different attitudes and opinions. If is kind of a new "church", experience from the ones left behind should be applied here.

@chrwahl Thanks for the hint. It's not the software I use. That would be

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@chrwahl I was inspired by that repo. Building such a stack helped me learn a lot about static site generation, cross media and single source publishing.

@bgcarlisle Thank you, hadn't seen it yet. No paywall.

@bgcarlisle Teaser sounds interesting. Could you provide the full article? I'm not a paying subscriber.

2/2 I use to watch changes of the export file and trigger the conversion.

To organize my , I use with plugin and copy the keys into my Zettels.

With, and I do my graphics. is my of choice.

1/2 It's and I want to tell you about my fancy stack!

I use to write and organize my text. From there, I export to and convert with, -citeproc using a to convert to the final document. tbc...

@Tdorey What a great act of generosity.

@Downes @katebowles @dajbelshaw

Concerning the interface: I don't like it either. There is another instance called that appears a lot more like Twitter or Quitter.

Subway Tooter is an Android app that I got recommended by @socrates , the admin of my instance. It has the feature to have more than four slots that can be arranged in desired order - or deleted.

@katebowles @dajbelshaw @Downes

Yeah, quite similar to what I did. And I found interesting people I would never have found if I had searched for them.

I also did the "look through other peoples' follower list" thing.

@Downes I think there is nothing wrong with people defining virtual places as some kind of home. But those become silos if it's not possible to easily connect outwards and inwards.