"The Rise and Demise of RSS" Show more

"The Rise and Demise of RSS" Show more

I want to explain the idea of the to strategic and political players.

Does anyone have a good drawing that says more than words? E.g. how , and play together?

In the current newsletter I read about [1]. I think that's a great initiative, because information and education about the idea of decentralization and federation is needed.

The tutorials at ProtoSchool are about IPFS and the like which is good. But I wonder if and non-blockchain-based federation should appear there, too.

Should we ask if ProtoSchool could be a place for that? Should we write such a tutorial?

[1]: proto.school/#/

Just became a member of the "Federation Networks Association" feneas.org/ @noplanman

Hi @fsf as a member of the Free Software Foundation I'd like to hear your reply on @aral post found here: ar.al/2019/01/11/i-was-wrong-a

Would you please be so kind to respond to this no only here but also on your own website as this merits a well-written article in my opinion. Thank you!

#Freesoftware #privacy

Checking out the new Scratch 3.0 with my daughters. They love it!

Uhhhh! Eine Alternative zu #Amazon bei der Profite automatisch an die @fsfe@twitter.com fließen 😍😍😍

Hello fediverse,

We just want to remind you that we have no official or flagship instance, and we don't plan on endorsing any in the future.

If you are looking for a pixelfed instance to join, checkout fediverse.network/pixelfed or the-federation.info/pixelfed

One year ago today, the first commit of GetTogether was made. Over the past year we've grown to serve 150+ teams and 400+ events!


Come join the GetTogether.Community today!


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What kind of solutions do you use to protect your children on the net?

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Spent my day together with my buddies and . We three had a good time building a web app to present research results.

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The latest Humble E-Book Bundle is The Cybersecurity Bundle from Packt Publishing.

$1,533 worth of DRM-free e-books, including Get Learning Malware Analysis, Practical Cyber Intelligence, Ethical Hacking for Beginners, and more!

In multiple formats for all devices.


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