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Axel Dürkop

Just found [Gramps](, a software based on .

Does anybody here conduct research on his or her own family?

Yesterday we had an inspiring workshop " and : Some Issues" at TUHH

Speakers were

- Steffen Steinert, PhD Candidate, (LMU)
- Mario De Caro, Professor in Moral (Roma Tre University /Tufts University)
- Mirko D. Garasic, Research Scholar ( Chair in Bioethics and Human Rights)

It became obvious that we need more interdisciplinary discussion on ethical implications of modern technology.


@MDGarasic (on birdsite) just started discussing and in an open course. Feel free to join

In the first round it's all about and . From Oct. 2 the discussion will focus on Human Enhancement.

The learning project is part of the Hamburg Open Online University where you will find various (Open Educational Resources) on many topics.

It's not too late for a post on !

I would like to focus on []( today which we at our institute use for team collaboration and project management. It is an open source alternative to [Slack](, but slim and non-distracting.

I would not say that it has become a substitute for email, but for targeted problem solving it works great.

For further reading on Slack and the like in research see e.g.

Alright, it's today!

At Hamburg Universitiy of Technology we use for the production of Open Educational Ressources (). We chose ( first and try now.

Please find some examples here:


is great, but I recommend to use the commandline tool v3.2.3 and publish and host yourself. For that workflow and are great.

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2/2 I use to watch changes of the export file and trigger the conversion.

To organize my , I use with plugin and copy the keys into my Zettels.

With, and I do my graphics. is my of choice.

1/2 It's and I want to tell you about my fancy stack!

I use to write and organize my text. From there, I export to and convert with, -citeproc using a to convert to the final document. tbc...

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Want to help improve the instance picker at ?

There are two ways of doing so,
Update your instance' info:

And give general feedback here, just remember to read the other responses first:

#Mastodon #InstancePicker #JoinMastodon

Good read: "Open Source Friday" wants to remind employees to contribute:

A good initiative as I think. And it could be adopted for the educational context as well: Teachers could remind students every week to contribute to the net as they build their knowledge on the open web every day. They could file an issue on GitHub or add to Wikipedia or write a blogpost. Many opportunities exist.

@Gargron Just started supporting you on Patreon. Thanks for your work.

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Looking for something fun to watch today? Check out this AMAZING list of #DRM-free videos.
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@socrates What is the exact size of files to be uploaded on our instance, please?

Taking part in a session on the potentials of for teaching and learning.

Right now I'm joining the workshop '„Ich lese diese Bullet points jetzt einfach mal laut vor!“ oder: Powerpoint – Die unbesungene Erfolgsgeschichte eines OER-Tools und unsere Konsequenzen heute' at .

Collaboratively we are working on a slide set about slides on Google Slides.

My contribution is on slide

Looking forward to in !

Today and tomorrow the community will meet in the north of Germany to join/give sessions and workshops on various topics.

The event will be in German, please find more information on the website

Tomorrow me and a colleague will host a workshop on static site generators, , and for producing and sharing .