Hi @VickyRampin! This Wednesday I'm going to introduce a couple of PhD students to Taguette as well as to Hypothesis, HedgeDoc, Zotero and zoterobib. The topic is collaboration in research and teaching.

Do you have any experience with Taguette written down on the web, such as didactic scenarios or research projects with students?

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@xldrkp hey!! that is so rad, thanks so much for including Taguette in there!! Are you looking for examples of people using Taguette for research + teaching? We don't have any examples formally collected or written down anywhere, but a lot of people have tweeted about Taguettte (on birbsite) and I have some examples from email that I could de-identify and provide? Like generally how people use it?

Hi @VickyRampin! Thanks for your offer. No need to hurry. I want to promote on Wednesday for the first time and see what the participants say. Afterwards I will get back to you to see what use cases I could provide for the future to make working with your tool illustrative and attractive. I have prepared a demonstration of multi user highlighting with the official website.

@xldrkp oh wow! thanks so much. Let's definitely connect after your session

Dear @VickyRampin, just to give you a short update on the workshop: Most of the participants were quantitative researchers, but one is very familiar with MAXQDA. She found amazing and a good solution to start with. Second thing: I have two students that will write their bachelor thesis about OER, using expert interviews for the empirical part. I showed them Taguette and perhaps they will use it for the analysis. We will talk in two weeks.

@xldrkp wow that's an incredible outcome! thanks so much for this update!!

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