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I swear I could have done a full other PhD with the time I've spent formatting papers for journals

@bgcarlisle Have you ever tried and its export function for various journals?

@xldrkp Maybe I'm just paranoid, but I don't think I'd feel comfortable putting years of research on to someone else's computer before I got it published

Axel Dürkop @xldrkp

@bgcarlisle Well, that's definitely an argument. I think Authorea is the answer to several tendencies in research: (1) the need to publish on a high frequency (2) the advantage of writing collaboratively (3) the Open Science approach to make the research and documentation process completely transparent.

In a field where you have to be faster than others the tool might not fit.

By the way, one van learn a lot from their LaTeX templates even when you just export lorem ipsum.

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@xldrkp Also, beyond just the paranoia, some of the data collected has very strict privacy conditions attached. I can't just upload confidential information to someone else's computer, even if I wanted to.

@bgcarlisle Good point. I don't use either, because I try to avoid . Just like to learn from their way of architecting collaboration and their LaTeX.

Do you use other tools to write collaboratively?