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motelone wants these cups to be used for tooth brushing, but I think they are a great alternative for coffee-to-go cups made of plastic. Got my first coffee from the lobby in them this morning. 👍

Discovered this lovely open-air theatre today in a park nearby. It would be great to recite some poems there, hear a string quartet play. Never heard that anyone did anything there before.

Love the concept of New York Hall of Science to make children vote and paricipate by using tools. Finally an analogue statistic comes out of it. This is a clever way of education for different things: voting, gathering data, visualizing data and participation.

Yesterday we had an inspiring workshop " and : Some Issues" at TUHH

Speakers were

- Steffen Steinert, PhD Candidate, (LMU)
- Mario De Caro, Professor in Moral (Roma Tre University /Tufts University)
- Mirko D. Garasic, Research Scholar ( Chair in Bioethics and Human Rights)

It became obvious that we need more interdisciplinary discussion on ethical implications of modern technology.

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