@VictorVenema Wir haben einen Ansatz entwickelt, der komplett mit freier Software läuft. Daher kann das, was wir morgen zeigen, jede und jeder nachbauen. Die Nutzung unserer Instanz ist zunächst nicht für die Öffentlichkeit gedacht, wir werden aber alles gut dokumentieren.


Wir laden herzlich ein zu unserem Workshop "Single-Source-Publishing mit , , und : ausprobieren, diskutieren, Perspektiven entwickeln"

Mittwoch, 21.10.2020, 14:00 bis 17:30 Uhr

Jetzt noch anmelden: intranet.tuhh.de/anmeldung/oa_

Auf den Open-Access-Tagen 2020 laden wir morgen zu unserem Workshop "Single-Source-Publishing mit , , und : ausprobieren, diskutieren, Perspektiven entwickeln"

Der Workshop ist schon ausgebucht, es gibt aber eine Warteliste für die Wiederholung.


Proud and happy that the Library Hamburg University of Technology received the Open Library Badge 2020 for in and !


@bleeptrack I did not know the first one, it looks great and has a config panel. I think I can go along with that one.

Thanks a lot, you really helped me!

@dajbelshaw I try to do this stuff with OBS as I want to "sit" in front of the browser and the editor when I'm online with my students. The only way I (nearly) succeeded with this was by following this[1] tutorial and make Jitsi "believe" the OBS output was a web cam.

[1] srcco.de/posts/using-obs-studi

@bleeptrack I know you are the one to ask such a question: Do you know a tool that can generate good looking maps of fantasy worlds? Where I could e.g. give the number of continents and their names and it generates a map for me, randomly spreading mountains and oceans, deserts and rivers?

@aral Good point. When talking about UBI we should always make clear what kind of UBI we mean.

Join me tonight at Twitch:

**Collaborating on Office Documents in **

**08:15 PM UTC+01:00 (Berlin Time)**


If you like join me on tonight when I launch

"Shaping - The Show on , and in and "


Live, March 19, 08:30 PM (Berlin time)

We will start with

@EzellaGarnie Ich mache meine Veranstaltungen auch mit GitLab. Bin gespannt, was du zu berichten hast.

@EzellaGarnie Cool. Hast du dir mal eduscrum angesehen? Das funktioniert eigentlich so, wie du es Dir jetzt ausgedacht hast.

@Downes That's very interesting!

I was also thinking about the Beaker project for decentralized publishing of (OER) content. What do you think about that one?


@Downes Did you come across the ecosystem? I watch it from far and wonder how it could help to improve decentralized infrastructures for learning.

- ipfs.io/
- discuss.ipfs.io/
- mailchi.mp/ipfs/ipfs-weekly-75

@Downes Sounds good for me. But customers have decided on a different web architecture. As much as I love federation and distribution, looks like we will stay a small group for a while.

I wonder if it is actually the technical solution that hinders people from switching. We have mail, RSS/Atom, Blockchain, ActivityPub etc. They are all fine for federation, but are often used by people who also have a mindset of independence, autonomy, emancipation and other core values of open education.

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