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It's Open Education Week! 

Happy to announce a local event in the middle of 2019:

"Telling Stories with & "

We want to find out, how these tools can interact to tell engaging and playful stories in .

If you are around in come and join us!

For more information see and

How Does Mastodon Work? - @kev

If you're asking yourself "how does Mastodon work?" this post will provide an excellent answer. #Mastodon is an #opensource and #federated social network.

I find it absurd when people accuse #SciHub of "stealing" from journal publishers. It is the publishers who are stealing, from the scholars who write, peer review and edit the journals without pay, from universities and their libraries who have to pay to so their researchers can publish papers *and* to get access to them, and from the public who fund all this, through public funding, tuition fees and so on.

Released "gitlab-exporter" today 

Released a small tool called "gitlab-exporter" on PyPI today that I need for project management with .

Simple statement at the end of "I love free software!" day: I love free software!

@dajbelshaw Just saw your presentation at ALT 2018 about the federated approach for Moodle.[1] Very promising and consistently thought out!

Have the presentations from ALT already been uploaded to PeerTube?


Don't feel bad or ashamed if you spend your week-end sleeping, resting.

It's *it's purpose*.

And in itself, resting is **not** doing nothing.

It's taking care of yourself, and allowing to gather back some energy. Some time to yourself.

Resting *is* doing something, for you. And it's a good thing to do sometimes.

Released the presentation that I used for the workshop on & [1] as an .

Used the project to check out the new version 2.5 for building slides. This time I had to invest some time, but now I have a scaffold that I - and you - can (re)use.

Please find the slides as a PDF at (in German) in our university's .[2]


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Gave a workshop yesterday in the central library on & . Twenty people showed up and had a lively discussion about , , , autonomous vehicles and .

In the end, one of them suggested to establish a weekly round table on techno-ethical topics, as everybody agreed that *nothing* was clear about current technical trends. They exchanged mail addresses and want to continue the discussion right away next week.

This was not what I had expected!

Award Ceremony Suveillance Studies 

Tonight, there will be the award ceremony for surveillance studies in Hamburg.[1]


"The Rise and Demise of RSS" 

Dealing with the aspect of velocity when developing and establishing standards an article by Moxie Marlinspike on Signal comes to my mind.[1]


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"The Rise and Demise of RSS" 

Excellent article on the rise and fall of by Sinclair Target[1]. Not just a precise story of an unfortunate fork it can also be read as an appeal to not repeat the same mistakes from the past when developing new frameworks for and .

Dealing with and the discussion about its pros and cons[2] we should set up a moderating unit to accompany further development.

[2]: eg.

I want to explain the idea of the to strategic and political players.

Does anyone have a good drawing that says more than words? E.g. how , and play together?

In the current newsletter I read about [1]. I think that's a great initiative, because information and education about the idea of decentralization and federation is needed.

The tutorials at ProtoSchool are about IPFS and the like which is good. But I wonder if and non-blockchain-based federation should appear there, too.

Should we ask if ProtoSchool could be a place for that? Should we write such a tutorial?


Just became a member of the "Federation Networks Association" @noplanman

Hi @fsf as a member of the Free Software Foundation I'd like to hear your reply on @aral post found here:

Would you please be so kind to respond to this no only here but also on your own website as this merits a well-written article in my opinion. Thank you!

#Freesoftware #privacy

Checking out the new Scratch 3.0 with my daughters. They love it!

Uhhhh! Eine Alternative zu #Amazon bei der Profite automatisch an die fließen 😍😍😍

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