I'm super honored to join Creative Commons to focus on community and communications for better sharing. Ping me to talk about CC!

I'm soooo proud of the work I've done with the Hypothesis community and team over the last five years. My heart will always be with . I'll still see you in the open margins!

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@xolotl Wow...huge news! Congratulations! They are going to have a hard time filling your shoes at

@fncll I left my shoes behind filled up with good thoughts, so I'm hoping that works!

@thatpsychprof Much thanks to you, good comrade, for all the collaborations past — and future!

@xolotl Whoo hoo Nate! (I’ve congratulated elsewhere so gonna keep this short. 😈)

@xolotl Wonderful! Congratulations! This is such a great role for you and the CC community is lucky to have you. Looking forward to your work in this new role!

@chendricks thank you! You are an inspiration in everything I do!

@catherinecronin Thank you so much Catherine! This means a lot coming from you. 🤗

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