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Are you a software engineer or researcher working with COVID data? I’m running a study about data sharing during pandemics and I’m looking for people who can share info about restrictive data sources and data access challenges.
Pls boost to help reach others! covid19-data-sharing-study.git

Data types I am especially interested in: Data that have no strong ethical reasons to keep private, such as virus omics data and infection/death/recovery rates by geographic region.

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I'm extremely disappointed to find out that a face-to-face event I've been to twice before is still planning a face-to face conference later this year.

Wishing it'll be safe won't make it so, and we're scientists(!) and should know better.

Say no to face-to-face in 2020.

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i have three modes of modes of using a browser right now:

trying to read something, make it as slim as possible

this mode won't work when you try to fill out any form, because the website will either hide crucial information behind a "mobile collapse" or it will be invisible in the horizontal scroll space

trying to use a dashboard or console: i either need a bigger monitor, or GCP, AWS, Azure developers need to learn about design and information presentation

Research + code + healthcare job vacancy 

5. Maybe you're worried about the sustainability of research software and data science tooling, and hope one day there's more to sustainability than sneakily hiding your software maintenance plans as a line item in the next grant application...

6. I'll wrap here. Please do apply and come work with me to help the world use computational tooling in the pursuit for better health outcomes. Happy to chat with anyone & please do share around widely!

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Research + code + healthcare job vacancy 

3. Maybe you want to use your tech skills to change the world. Wellcome focuses on research that affects human health in three main areas: Global heating, infectious disease, & mental health

4. Maybe you've worked in the tech industry, and would like to work at a non-profit philanthropic org, helping to fund cool, world-changing science

Or you're a researcher who wants code, data, and other kinds of tech to be a first-class research output

Maybe other?

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Research + code + healthcare job vacancy 

1. I joined the team hoping to shift academic culture towards better appreciation, reward, and careers for research software, hoping to ending the cycle of "throw the code out after the paper/grant is done".

Maybe this speaks to you too?

2. It's worrying code robustness is rarely appreciated in research. Maybe you want to help fund the really _good_ RSEs and data scientists, to set the agenda for what good computational science is?

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Research + code + healthcare job vacancy 

🚨Job vacancy alert 🚨

Interested in making meaningful change in the intersection between code, science and healthcare?

My team at the Wellcome Trust
is hiring!

Some reasons to be interested in-thread, boosts appreciated for reach! The pay just ain't half bad, especially compared to academic salaries:

Tech Manager (~£59k/year):
Tech Lead (~£68k/year):

Both vacancies close on August 1st 2021

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(Screams into pillow) there are so many examples of researchers using 'public' data in ways that end up seeming spooky and surveillancey, and/or generally misbehaving around OSS projects. It really hurts when OSS maintainer A signs up to my study and maintainer B from the same project passive-aggressive repeatedly tells me I'm wasting maintainer time by trying to be transparent and make sure contributors know I'm gathering metrics about their repo.

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does anyone know of a good handbook on reproducibility issues in academic research +
, ?
whatever word some other discipline voiced concern / consternation / praise
over ?

examples i already know of

ideas at work

So, if you have open source projects that:

1️⃣ align with aspects of Wellcome's strategy (Mental Health, Climate Change, Infectious Disease)
2️⃣ have the time and inclination to mentor awesome interns for three months

Please do consider applying for Outreachy as a mentoring organisation and/or chat with me!

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There are so many benefits - it might be you need a few months of a specific type of OSS work, but it's too short-term to hire for easily, or you might find an intern you work with so well that the apply for vacancies that come up in the future. When I worked at InterMine (a genomics data warehouse at Cambridge) we had interns from Outreachy working on python documentation videos for our users, UX for the new UI we were launching, and so much more.

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OSS projects that have community are a huge strength: bringing in new contributors improves the docs, adds new features and viewpoints you might not have thought of, and helps build a sustainable network of contributors, so important in precarious funded academic software.

Seeing more community planning built into research software is a personal goal of mine and I'm hopeful this will encourage more science and research projects to dip their toe into outreachy
and other internship programs.

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🥁 Hey folks. You may know I'm a HUGE fan of Outreachy for its hands-on efforts to bring marginalised people into open source.

As such I am _delighted_ to share that my employers the Wellcome Trust will be supporting Outreachy over the next year, funding ten internship spots for open science Wellcome-related projects:

🧵 thread for more...

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as an autistic person i would actually prefer to sit next to someone and just text with them instead of verbalizing you know how much brain that saves me?! texting lets me think about what is happening and engage very well!everyone benefits!

except people who want to vilify assistive tech and neurodiversity in general i guess

Oof, just stumbled on some unkind and incorrect assumptions someone is making about my interpretation of open source. Will ignore and not respond beyond this subtweet (lol), but still somehow makes me feel rotten.

I will repeat this toot, but for 2021.... we ain't over this pandemic yet. Even if you're lucky enough to live somewhere with readily available vaccinations, many others won't be, so don't put them at risk by incentivising travel to F2F conferences.

I'm running a study into what elements of an open source / open science project seem to correlate with project sustainability, running some metrics based on your github repo.

Would you be interested in participating? ~15 minutes now + 2 short follow up surveys in 6 & 12 months. (it'll take about 15 minutes, MOST of which is for reading the information sheet). Or for more info see sustainable-open-science-and-s
Questions? toot or email

I do love that my university sends me "DO THIS TRAINING OR WE'LL FAIL YOU / DISABLE YOUR ACCOUNTS" as the first approach without a polite request beforehand. Not the first time it's happened!

Bear with me on this..... open science, but with leopards.

Well, you'll be pleased to know that my fabulous collaborator Manuel Spitschan helped to drive forward a beautiful response to the exclusionary video grant application idea article a couple of months ago. 👇👇

Revolutionising grant application processes? Sure, sounds cool. Making them more exclusionary and likely to exaggerate bias? No thanks!

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