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Are you a software engineer or researcher working with COVID data? I’m running a study about data sharing during pandemics and I’m looking for people who can share info about restrictive data sources and data access challenges.
Pls boost to help reach others! covid19-data-sharing-study.git

Data types I am especially interested in: Data that have no strong ethical reasons to keep private, such as virus omics data and infection/death/recovery rates by geographic region.

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I'm extremely disappointed to find out that a face-to-face event I've been to twice before is still planning a face-to face conference later this year.

Wishing it'll be safe won't make it so, and we're scientists(!) and should know better.

Say no to face-to-face in 2020.

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Stress check. Are your shoulders hunched? Breathing shallow? Jaws clenched?

when a 2017 paper cites a 1995 paper that is clearly out of date... "mainframe" and "mini computer" is so un-used nowdays and left me so curious as to what they mean that I had to go and look up the reference to see when it was published.

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Try to memorize one constellation you don’t already know and find it in the sky tonight.

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My qualitative research afternoon:

✅ Headphones
✅ ExpressScribe Mac
✅ NVivo
✅ Chocolate

meta paper title 

Sweeping Research Issue That Affects Many People And Grabs Your Attention: here's my tool that I just created that addresses a narrow spectrum of this issue thanks for looking.

literature review thoughts - why does it feel like so many are "ugh this paper is junk but maybe I should include it anyway"

And by junk I mean a paper about AI-based analysis run on other AI papers.

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I just formalised a complaint with the Italian tax authorities in reference to their requirement to install an app available only via Google Play Store/Apple store to access a state benefit.

Even after a first email, no alterative solution either online or in person was offered.

ooh, I just accidentally found out someone's deadname whilst running a literature search. We need to make this harder to do somehow.

Reading a report where the data vis is so complex it actively hinders comprehension and wishing / hoping the data are in a table format somewhere nearby. There's a legend for the complicated visualisations, but it's so complicated it takes up a whole page and therefore can't be viewed at the same time as the visualisation that you need the legend for 🤣

Now wondering if "vintage data file archaeologist" is a job title and if it isn't why not?

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I just wanna give a shout out to meld, an incredible tool for exploring diffs and reconciling changes between files or entire directories. Been using it for what feels like my entire life and it's just *so* helpful:

I wonder if it's possible to quantify how many papers in vaguely computational topics start with an intro of "Data is big and messy. This is a problem we will describe (and then offer our (niche) solution for it)!"

uh, does anyone want to tell them that IVF is already taken and well known?

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New journal! CFP

We invite brief essays that consider what agendas should drive Rhetoric, Politics, & Culture. In what ways can the journal function as a corrective to hegemonic intellectual norms? How can it disrupt other professional practices that trade in the marginalization of oppressed communities in higher education? What responsibilities does the journal have toward its various publics and communities--specifically communities that are historically and 1/

I'm trying to narrow down a literature search on citizen science, looking for search terms to return papers that examine citizen science as a form of data sharing without pulling up _all_ papers where citizen science is briefly mentioned as a method. Any tips?

Accidental sex-related search term hit. 

Q: What's worse than when you're doing prep for a systematic paper review and you get the following result...?

A: When you realise the search term hit was for the phrase "user generated content" 😦😳😅

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General web browser policy is to only allow autoplay with sound if a user interacts with a website.

So The Independent website waited til I tapped *to reject its tracking cookies* and then started auto-playing its advert at full volume.

This did not fill me with joy 😛

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hey yall! tomorrow/later today at 5pm utc, @cassandreces will be presenting at about open science hardware communities around the world! 🔧 ^_^

Is your software / script-based research Wellcome Trust funded? They're looking for GitHub links and/or research software paper links - please share!

(Two notes - this is a 🐦 birdsite tweet link, and also my new employer 🎉)

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