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Just made my sign for Birmingham demonstration this afternoon. Feedback welcome.

See you there!

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I wrote this some months ago, but wasn't happy with the interactive parts so I thought I'd work on it more later. Not sure if that is going to happen, so here's a somewhat interactive exploration on why there are so few women in computing.


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Just a reminder to my fellow scholar.social folks: hope y'all are taking care of yourselves. Cuz academia sure as hell won't.

It's OK to be 'unproductive' sometimes. Tell that guilt to shut its yap.

Also, thanks for making this a cool place to hang.

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question about : how do you add icons (such orcid) in your profile's links?

Well, DMPOnline has been down for ours so I guess I'm not trying to revise my ethics application today after all. Sigh.

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“If It’s Inaccessible To The Poor It’s Neither Radical Nor Revolutionary.”

This is honestly my biggest problem with silicone valley and start-ups in general.

Cutting edge tech is cool and exciting but it's not a revolution until everyone can get at it.

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I've seen webpages in the past add "skip to content" links visible only to screenreaders at the start of their webpages.

Such clutter is a bad UX, at least in Rhapsode (where the navbar isn't read aloud anyways), and you should instead just use <main>. That'll skip to content by default!

There's a reason why I encourage you to write semantic HTML5!

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#Stellaris is free right now and it will be until the 17th, you absolutely should pick it up if you haven't already

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Somebody is sending spear-phishing messages to our department pretending to be our department head. He just sent this helpful suggestion:

"Please don't open messsages sent from my email."

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Call for editorials; COVID related 

We welcome 1500-3000-word commentaries from locations around the globe that take up the implications of this pandemic for feminist analyses of capitalism.

The due date for Commentaries is July 15, 2020.


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People who get upset when PoC discuss whiteness need to chill the fuck out.
Yeah, it's not a nice term, but white culture provided all that not-nice content it's loaded with.

Getting upset with the term is like being upset one got caught doing something bad.

It involves holding ON to the bad things.

Just let go. If you're not doing harm, the label of harmfulness doesn't sit heavy on you.

This should be self-explanatory.

how am I accumulating MORE interview data egad I hate transcription the MOST

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Ongoing saga of research ethics: I agreed with my supervisor to radically narrow down the scope of what I was doing again. I'm happy with the plans, mostly because I'd done so much preliminary research for my previous plans that I had a pretty good idea my original plan was going to be too sparse. I've also maybe split it into two separate but related studies with different methods 😆 getting two smaller studies through ethics will be much easier than a single complex one!

"We're sorry, you weren't shortlisted for [the thing] because you didn't comply with [criterion that was no where on the advertised list of requirements]"

well, thank you for helping me make good use of my time! 😐

In 2018 when I was applying for my PhD program I couldn't find my Bachelor's certificate and ended up paying the Open University £40 for a replacement. Only time I've ever even looked at the certificate.

A few weeks back when we got all locked down we tidied one of my rooms to turn into the spouse's office. Guess what we found. Never even opened.

Good morning. What is konfer and why did it send me lots of emails?

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What will the classrooms of tomorrow have at the front of their textbooks? quotes like this, or clips of spoken words?

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Dear me, just wait until it is thesis time. Hahahaha.

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