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Are you a software engineer or researcher working with COVID data? I’m running a study about data sharing during pandemics and I’m looking for people who can share info about restrictive data sources and data access challenges.
Pls boost to help reach others! covid19-data-sharing-study.git

Data types I am especially interested in: Data that have no strong ethical reasons to keep private, such as virus omics data and infection/death/recovery rates by geographic region.

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I'm extremely disappointed to find out that a face-to-face event I've been to twice before is still planning a face-to face conference later this year.

Wishing it'll be safe won't make it so, and we're scientists(!) and should know better.

Say no to face-to-face in 2020.

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My kind of news day:

"Geologist Finds Rare Formation Inside Rock That Looks Exactly Like Cookie Monster on Sesame Street"


One of the outcomes of overly harsh feedback is that people won't come to you for feedback next time.

This is probably also sometimes an outcome of critical-and-polite feedback, too, because our egos are easy to bruise.

Nevertheless, if giving feedback is a pain and you don't want to have to do it again, being reviewer number 2 is the way to go.

If you actually want contact? Um, be nice. <-- should be obvious but isn't

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~ Black Mirror ~

What if there was a printer

But it works

am I researching or am I devising theme tunes for each of my cats? there's no way to know...

(ET's a FLUFFY tabby, imagine him running to chariots of fire, Shosha is a small tuxedo who scrambles about a lot, she gets yakety sax)

How many emails to a supervisor is too many emails? Asking for a friend.

Today is dedicated to every researcher who is sick of or afraid of a bit of research that's not done yet, but takes a deep breath and dives back in again anyway. 💪 You can do this

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Ok, GLAM/cultural heritage & adjacent folks: I'm trying to start up a network for those of us interested in data science, and I'd love your thoughts and feedback on what would help and work for you.

Here's a blog post with some initial goals

I did some interviews about this last year as well during/after wave 1. Currently I'm curious to see what has changed months later when many places are experiencing subsequent waves.

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Are you a researcher working with COVID data? I’m running a study about data sharing during pandemics (esp interested in post-first-wave changes) & I’m looking for people who can share info about restrictive data sources and data access challenges.

:BoostOkay: Pls boost to help reach others!

Interested? Here’s a link to more info about the study & signup: covid19-data-sharing-study.git

Softwas, is, of course, _very_ similar to software, only it's spelled wrong... 😅

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If any of y'all are UK-based or UK-affiliated, and care about research software, come along to the Softwas Sustainability Insititute's fellowship webinar today at 3PM UK:

As well as hearing others speak, I'll talk a little about some of the benefits (financial, network, collaborators) I've gained as a fellow. Come along to hear more and ask any questions!

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Casually scrolling through a 3200-pages book from the library genesis to find tabulated data, as scientists do.

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if you're white and you use the internet, you have a duty to ensure that the spaces you are in are not a safe space for white supremacists. no, "oh but I like this person and they've never done anything in MY group" -- listen to us. listen to what we have to say. report people to the mods or if it's an ongoing problem, *leave the fucking group and let people know why you're leaving*.

make mods explain their decisions. make it uncomfortable. make it weird.

it's the LEAST you can do.

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I've been using pan flag theme colours for my slides a lot the last couple of years. no one has mentioned it yet.

I'm trying to figure out what to cite to explain unlike, say, physics, where we're pretty happy to stably assert that e is in fact mc^2, biology isn't a stable science - a gene might be split into two or a species may be moved to another genus.

swearing a little 

shit's been bad enough recently I felt compelled to make an anonymous account and write some anonymous blogs. I hope I can come back to it in a few years when things are safer (for me, in terms of repercussions) and action an intent. Frustrated that I'm here, but unsurprised (like with.... most things in the world right now).

next week's goal is to manage the WHOLE WEEK without crying

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